Audit and Component Sheets

Documentation of 200 or more clock hours of field experiences and components must be submitted to Teacher Education Services. These hours will be verified prior to admission to student teaching. (160 KAR 5:040)  Students are required to obtain a login to EPSB. See Field Notes for Teacher Candidates for directions on how to obtain login credentials for EPSB. Once a login has been secured, students will enter their field experiences using Kentucky Field Experience Tracking System (KFETS). It is recommended that students enter field experiences each day as they occur.

Students, it is your responsibility to keep a copy of documentation supporting the completion of Components and Field Experience hours. It is also your responsibility to submit completed Audit and Component Sheets to Teacher Education Services one semester prior to your Student Teaching semester.  

Field Hours Chart:

The Field Hours Chart is a comprehensive document that covers how many field hours and specific components were needed prior to Fall 2012 and post Fall 2012 through Fall 2016 by course.

Field Hours Chart (Prior to Fall 2012 through Spring 2015)
Field Hours Chart (Fall 2015 through Spring 2018)

 Audit and Component Sheets:

DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORM THAT FIRST POPS UP WHEN YOU CLICK TO OPEN YOUR AUDIT AND COMPONENT SHEET. Download that pdf to your computer, then open the downloaded pdf from your computer and fill it out. If you fill out the form in your web browser instead, it will save a blank form, not the information you have typed.

DO NOT CONVERT THE FILE TO A DIFFERENT FORMAT. If you are  unable to type into the form (from the downloaded file), try downloading and installing Adobe Reader DC.


Component Sheet

Only use this Component Sheet if instructed to do so. Otherwise, use the above Audit and Component Sheets .