David S. White





Effects of Asian Carp on reservoir plankton and primary productivity in Kentucky Lake. US Fish and Wildlife. M. Flinn, D. White, $20,000, 2013-2014.

Virtual observatory for ecological informatics (joint program with Flathead Biological Station, Montana). B. Kucera, D. White, et al. $3,000,000. 2009-2013.

Operation of KY99 of the National Atmospheric Depositional Program. Tennessee Valley Authority, D. White, K. Johnston, $3000/ continuing allocation, 2008-.

Center of Excellence Endowment, D. White, $1,345,000, 2008-.

TMDL development in the Clarks River basin. US EPA, D. White, S. Hendricks, $314,000, 2005-2009.

Workshop for Secondary School Teachers-Ohio River Ecology and Management. T. Chang, D. White, US EPA $7,500.

Biogeochemical and ecological processes within a reservoir littoral zone. National Science Foundation. H. Whiteman, D. White, et al., $850,000, 1999-2007.

Biological baseline conditions in the Little River watershed. US EPA. D. White, S. Hendricks, T. Timmons, $172,000, 1999-2006.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Murray State (J. Mateja, PD, $1,500,000), subproject Environmental science for middle- and high school students. D. White, $23,000, 2000-2007.

Establishing the EPA EPSCoR Program in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. US EPA. D. White, $999,674, 2002-2007.

Operations of EPA EPSCoR Statewide Committee. State of Kentucky, D. White, $27,186, 2006-.