Student Volunteer Opportunity

The Center for Communication Disorders is seeking Communication Disorders student volunteers to work in the Murray State University Speech and Hearing Clinic.

This volunteer opportunity is open to CDI students in good academic standing who possess the necessary dispositions to work in an office setting.

As a student volunteer you will be responsible for various tasks associated with office work such as assisting clients in signing in for appointments, answering phones, basic housekeeping and filing. You will receive training and a list of job responsibilities.

Serving as a student volunteer will also give you the opportunity to experience the day to day operations of the Murray State University Speech & Hearing Clinic and an opportunity to interact with the faculty and staff of the Center for Communication Disorders.

To apply, please contact:

Becky Jones

Clinical Placement Coordinator, Clinical Supervisor/Instructor


Kelly Vaughan

Clinical Supervisor/Instructor

Basic Volunteer Training with quiz at end.

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