Tracks to explore

Tracks are a specified cluster of classes that help you to hone your knowledge and skills in a specific aspect of the major. These are typically less than what is required for a minor. Within Computer Science there are two tracks - Game development and Data Science. The Data science is currently under the approval process .

Game development

Besides the core requirements for the major, students will have to complete the following co-requirements and restricted electives.

ENG 214 Introduction to Creative Writing
MAT 250 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
MAT 335 Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra
STA 135 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
                    Or STA 540 Mathematical Statistics I
                    Or CIS 243 Business statistics I and CIS 343 Business statistics II
PHY 130 General Physics I with PHY 131 General Physics I Lab
                     Or PHY235 Mechanics, Heat and Wave Motion with PHY 236 Mechanics, Heat and Wave Motion Lab

(These are required if they are not taken in the University Studies block)

Restricted electives
CSC 275 Introduction to Game Programming
CSC 515 Computer Graphics Programming
CSC 575 Computer Animation and Game Development

Choose TWO from the following courses
ART 350 Introduction to Graphic Design I: Digital Art
ART 354 Illustration
ART 357 Motion Graphics
ART 362 Digital Sculpture: 3D Modeling and Printing
JMC 270 Media Production

Data Science

Students will complete the area requirements for computer science and add the following classes for the track in data science. As some classes are offered only once a year (and may have prerequisites), PLEASE plan ahead and work with your advisor and take the appropriate classes at the right time.

MAT335Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra
CSC508 - Data analysis and pattern classification for machine learning
CIS543 - Advanced Business Analytics
STA565 (4) - Applied Statistics I
STA567Introduction to Time Series Analysis
STA568 - Bayesian Methods