Attend PR360

PR360 is a great opportunity for students and professionals alike to meet, connect with, and learn from others who work in the public relations industry. Register online and take advantage of valuable information sessions led by guest speakers from regional and global agencies and organizations.


About PR360

Connecting esteemed professionals to the Racer Nation is the name of the game when it comes to PR360. This event is designed to encompass the true meaning of networking by providing local high school and college students, as well as area professionals, with the opportunity to meet some leaders of the world of public relations and learn from these industry pros.

PR360 features breakout sessions intended to show how the public relations process comes full circle from initial research to follow up evaluations. Each scheduled guest speaker will address a particular area of the public relations process and will share cutting-edge information that will be fascinating to students and local business professionals alike and will be a valuable learning experience for those in attendance. Later, in the afternoon sessions, Murray State students will be able to fine tune their resumes and cover letters and get expert advice on how to rock an interview with the help of human resource directors from global media companies. PR360 opens the door to a world of opportunity available in the field of public relations and marketing communications.

Join the Journalism and Mass Communications Department at PR360 and kick start the path to career success.

What is RACE?

RACE - Research, Action, Communication and Evaluation - represents the dynamic model of the public relations process. Most experts agree that public relations is conducted within the frame of this model. Because the process is dynamic, any process can occur at any given time. These steps require critical thinking and constant analysis that can require the reevaluation of information at any time. While no two days are the same in public relations, this model remains consistent and will lead you down the path to a successful career.


Defined as the discovery phase of the problem-solving process, research is the cornerstone of good public relations practice. Research occurs at every single phase of the PR process. It is important to demonstrate proper research support for all plans and campaigns because scientific knowledge is the barrier between what we know and what we don't know. At any given moment in the PR process you may require additional information. That's when you turn to research. The more informed you are, the easier the planning process becomes.


This is the time for brainstorming, strategy sessions and considering all factors that may impact implementation. Utilizing the solid information gathered during the research phase, the direction of a strategic should become clear. Once you have an action plan, it's time to begin communicating. Solid planning based on both primary and secondary research allows us to use our critical thinking skills and experience to formulate clear directions for values-driven, socially responsible, effective public relations campaigns.


Communication is when all the pieces of the puzzle come together. While developing the action plan, you determined the best channels and tactics to help meet the desired objectives. In "communication," we implement those strategies and send well-planned messaging to targeted publics. In the digital era, effective communication is two-way and involves careful monitoring, listening to your publics as well as sending messages to well defined group who share common interests.


It is in reviewing where we've been that we actually improve the path ahead. At every stage of the public relations process, it is imperative to track and evaluate the success of every effort. Doing so ensures our future growth as public relations practitioners.