Minor in Sustainability Studies

As business communities continue to shift to more environmentally conscious practices, the demand for those with the knowledge to facilitate growth in these fields is undergoing a dramatic increase. The depletion of natural resources and changes in human health and the global economy due to climate change are opening up new opportunities in sustainability management, consulting, education and development. Students hoping to begin a career in these areas, advance current employment or preserve the environment stand to benefit from pursuing this new curriculum.

The 21-hour program offers courses for a variety of backgrounds, including the arts and humanities, to cater to students with various strengths. With an interdisciplinary series of courses -- three core classes, two restricted electives and several unrestricted electives -- the Sustainability Studies minor can provide students with integrated knowledge and skills for global citizenship, as well as produce various practical experiences and strategies to fulfill the demand in the job market and new fields of research.

For more information on a minor in Sustainability Studies, contact program advisor and WSI Director Dr. Howard Whiteman at: hwhiteman@murraystate.edu.


Sustainability Minor………………………………………..21-23 hrs

Complete three required courses and two of the three restricted electives. Remaining electives must be approved by the program coordinator. Six hours of the minor must be upper level courses completed in residence at Murray State University.

Prefix Number Title Credits
Required Courses
BIO 103 Saving Planet Earth 3
ENG 371 Literature and the Environment 3
IDC 150 Issues in Sustainability Studies 1
PHI 376 Environmental Ethics 3
Restricted Electives (choose 2)
AGR 353 World Food, Agriculture and Society 3
CET 284 Sustainable Design and Construction 3
REC 450 Recreational Use of Natural Resources 3
Unrestricted Electives
AGR 345 Soil Science 3
AGR 378 Ag. and Environ. Management Systems 3
AGR 455 Soil Management 3
ANT 320 Human Ecology 3
ARC 314 Sediments, Soils, and Stratigraphy 4
BIO 112 Field Biology 4
BIO 330 Ecology 4
BIO 506 Advanced Field Biology 4
BIO 578 Conservation Biology 4
CHE 502 Fundamentals of Toxicology 3
CHE 513 Environmental Chemistry 3
ECO 345 Environmental Economics 3
ECO 410 Economic Development 3
ENT 286 Intro. to Environ. Engin. Tech 3
GSC/PLN 507 Land Use Planning 3
GSC 524 Conservation and Environ. Geo. 3
PSY 373 Psychology of Consumer Behavior 3
SOC 325 Sociology of Food 3
SOC 380 Society and Technology 3
SOC 455 Environmental Sociology 3

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