Student organizations and leisure activities

Sports, recreation & wellness

Your physical well-being is high on the list of priorities of the Murray State administration. No matter your favorite activity — swimming, weights, aerobics, handball or basketball — at Murray State you can always find companionship and first-class facilities. More information

Student organizations

Murray State University offers a variety of organizations and extracurricular activities that will enhance every facet of your academic and social life. Additionally, the university is home to an active Graduate Student Organization. More information

Arts and cultural activities

Murray State University is the cultural heart of the region. On campus and nearby you’ll find an array of exhilarating theatre and dance performances, musical concerts, art exhibitions, poetry and creative writing presentations, speakers, and a range of visiting arts events.

Study Abroad

At Murray, your studies aren't limited to the classroom. Every semester, Murray State students can be found in countries around the world. Through our Study Abroad program, you can take your pick of China, Japan, Spain, Italy, Brazil and over a dozen more nations.