A message from Dr. Jackson, Murray State University President

Opportunities at Murray State University are before us as we move toward our Centennial celebration in 2022.  Faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members continue to enhance the future of our University with innovative solutions to challenges we face.  The University’s Strategic Plan provides a guide for measurable goals which will impact the future of the community.

With this revision of the original Strategic Plan, we pledge our dedication to enhancing the opportunities for our students.  Faculty and staff give of their time and talents to connect with our students.  That speaks to the difference that Murray State makes.  Through the initiatives of advancing a culture of Academic Excellence, promoting a dynamic and diverse University community committed to Student Success, fostering an environment of inquiry by advancing Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities and enhancing our communities through Engagement, Murray State University will continue to impact the lives of those we teach, those with whom we work and the partners in our communities.

With the changes we have experienced as a University since the inception of the original Strategic Plan, we have decisions to make and actions to take.  Murray State fosters a tradition of excellence as noted in the Murray State University Mission Statement in placing “our highest priority on student learning and excellent teaching, blending the range of educational opportunities often experienced at research institutions with the nurturing student-teacher interactions usually found at smaller universities.”  Our decisions as we move forward with the revised Strategic Plan further focus on the priorities to continue in the Murray State tradition of excellence at the finest place we know - Murray State University - for new and returning students, to assist them as they progress toward graduation and to provide pathways to make a difference in their lives.

Within our shared governance constituency groups, our departments, colleges/schools, administrative units and University leadership in collaboration with Strategic Plan initiative team members, Murray State University will meet its goals and create new opportunities for the dynamic society in which we live.  We continue to reach and grasp the stars emblazoned on our shield of Achievement, Endeavor and Hope and to assist our students in achieving their goals.