Student Organization Guidelines for Hosting Events on Campus

Student Programming Subcommittee Recommendations for Murray State University Racer Restart

The following recommendations address all areas of student programming.

  • Groups are allowed to program at 50% capacity and at least 6 feet social distancing as determined by Facilities Management. Confirm the space capacity with the venue. This includes all philanthropic events.
  • Events can also be held virtually.
  • Events are subject to cancellation based on attendance/violation of social distancing guidelines.
  • Enforcement of guidelines at events will be the responsibility of student organizations and organization advisors or student leaders.

Student Programming Definitions

Student programming provides opportunities for the enhancement of academic, professional, and service aspects of student life through participation in group activities and organizations across campus. Activities could include social/novelty events as well as philanthropic and leadership events.

Use the Event Hosting Guidelines and Event Coordinator Checklist to plan and prepare for meetings.

Not every program, event, or activity will look like it did in past years. It is important to keep an open mind when planning programs in order to meet club/organization needs but still maintain health and safety for students, faculty, and guests. Each club/organization should consider regular events and categorize them appropriately. Alternate methods of delivery should be considered. Regardless of the category assigned, all events must abide by biosecurity and social distance guidelines. Categories include:

  1. Necessary – programs that need to be conducted during the FA20 semester.
  2. Postponed – programs that can be deferred until SP21 or later.
  3. Delivery method - programs that may be necessary but could be delivered in-person versus in small groups and frequently repeated to meet student needs versus online/virtual/distance.

I. Events Sponsored or Hosted by Students

Providing modifications to standard programming is crucial to meaningful student engagement. Each event will be carefully evaluated and management guidelines will be established based on what is possible within the Racer Restart guidelines for social distancing. Student organizations will be provided scenarios, when possible, to assist student organizations hosting in-person or virtual events.

  1. Delivery of In-Person Events

    These include student organization regular meetings, club meetings, greek events, University sponsored events, and residential college programming. All events should be individually evaluated to determine if the event can be delivered virtually or through a combination of in-person and/or virtual platforms. Student coordinators should consider if the event can be offered on multiple days to serve a greater number of students.

    1. Novelty Events - these events will be evaluated on an individual basis. The vendor and student organization sponsor must have a plan to eliminate lines forming to receive their item. (i.e. custom koozies, street signs, smoothies; typically held in the Curris Center).

    2. Off Campus Groups Sponsored by Student Organizations - off campus speakers or groups must be delivered virtually.

  2. Student Organization Tabling

    All indoor and outdoor tabling across campus will be postponed until the 2021 spring semester.

  3. Murray State University Signature Events

    These events, including tailgating, Great Beginnings, Summer Orientation, Family Weekend and Homecoming will be evaluated on an individual basis and organized according to CDC and Racer Restart guidelines.

II. Event Hosting Guidelines

  1. Student organizations are encouraged to adopt the University values outlined in the Murray State University Student Life Handbook in addition to the Policies, Rules and Procedures when engaging with others in public campus spaces.
  2. Student organizations hosting events will clearly communicate to participants the expectations of the Racer Restart health procedures, as well as health risks associated with activities. This can be done using social media, flyers, signs, and word-of-mouth at the event.
  3. All in-person events must have an attendee contact list. A designated event coordinator will collect names and M#s from attendees for each event. Attendee lists should be given to the faculty advisor at the end of the event. Organization advisors will be responsible for maintaining event records.
  4. Additionally, student organizations will assist in minimizing congregating by:
    1. Setting time limitations or restrictions on use of public spaces.
    2. Limiting the number of people who are able to be in one space at a given time according to venue guidelines.
    3. Limiting the available seating in public spaces and cutting the number of spaces available for reservation by half.
    4. University staff will limit student group reservations of on-campus spaces to reduce density.

III. Indoor Programming Venues (On campus)

Venues across campus have been reconfigured according to CDC social distancing guidelines. Guidelines may be different for various buildings and venues, and those guidelines must be followed. The following alternate venues are available for student programming with advance reservations:

  1. Curris Center - six meeting rooms, auditorium, theater, two ballrooms. For reservations, call 270.809.6119.
  2. CFSB Center - arena, four concourses, two special events rooms. Contact Brock Rydecki, 270.809.3369 for reservations.
  3. Equine Center - two classrooms; indoor arena (~60’x100’, limited seating) (potentially limited use during the week based on classes and team practices). Contact Alysia Conner, 270.809.7027 or Dr. Shea Porr, 270.809.6908 for reservations.
  4. Cherry Expo Center - one classroom, large arena (~200’x100’) with seating (normal capacity 2700). Contact Becky Ballard, 270.809.3134 for reservations.

Events are subject to cancellation based on attendance/violation of social distancing guidelines.

IV. Outdoor Programming Venues (On campus)

Regardless the size of the outdoor space, social distancing guidelines as previously stated must be followed. The following alternate venues are available for student programming with advance reservations:

  1. West Farm Pavilion (off Robertson Road). Contact Brittany Gulley, 270.809.3936 for reservations.
  2. Arboretum. Contact Dava Hayden, 270.767.0467 or Brittany Gulley, 270.809.3936 for reservation information; a fee may be charged for using this location.
  3. Springer-Franklin Lawn. For reservations, complete the outdoor usage form.
  4. Quad. Contact Missy Nesbitt, 270.809.5742 for reservations.

Events are subject to cancellation based on attendance/violation of social distancing guidelines.

V. Off-Campus Venues

Murray State University sponsored events or those hosted by Murray State student organizations must abide by the social distancing and biosecurity guidelines even when not held on campus.

Events are subject to cancellation based on attendance/violation of social distancing guidelines.

VI. Virtual Programming Platforms

Murray State will provide virtual programming platform support for Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Canvas.