Racer Restart Initiative

We are forward-moving. We are family. We are Racers.

Racer Safe and Healthy logoThrough the Racer Restart initiative and planning process, Murray State University will follow a collaborative, thoughtful and proactive approach in re-opening campus. For questions about the Racer Restart Plan, please email msu.racersafeandhealthy@murraystate.edu.

Spring 2021 Academic Calendar

January 19 — Classes begin
February 24 — Non-instructional study day
March 11 — 1st half semester courses end
March 12 — 2nd half semester courses begin
March 30 — Non-instructional study day
May 4 — Classes end
May 5-7 — Finals
May 8 — Commencement

Please note: Spring Break will not be observed during the 2021 semester.

Current Campus Update

February 25, 2021

Dear Campus Community:

I am asked on a daily basis about our expectations for Summer and Fall 2021. As we approach the beginning of the end to this pandemic and as vaccinations become more plentiful, we are actively planning for the Summer and next Fall. We must be optimistic and positive as more individuals are vaccinated each day and COVID-19 case counts continue to decline. And, as always, we will continue to focus on a safe and healthy campus environment for our students, faculty, staff and the broader community.

We are working to ensure that Summer 2021 events and the Fall 2021 Semester look more like Fall 2019 with academic course deliveries returning to normal; campus activities, traditions we love and student life becoming more normal; Racer Athletics events returning with regular Fall sports and all other components of our traditional, nationally-recognized college experience. Again, these are our aspirational goals as we move forward and I remain optimistic as we plan ahead.

Murray State University is truly a special place. For the past 12 months, we have all remained flexible in very challenging times but have not lost our focus on achieving the goals set before us. 2020 and early 2021 have been difficult and I know we are all looking for a return to normal as we plan ahead. Earlier this month, nearly 700 admitted students and their families took part in our successful Admitted Student Kickoff event. Just as we are all desiring a return to normal, our new, incoming students very much feel the same way and are counting on us to assist and welcome them as they begin their Murray State experience.

Again, we have started the beginning phases to end this pandemic and I am very positive regarding the months ahead. As I have stated many times, our best days are ahead of us.

Finally, thank you for all that you do to truly make Murray State University the finest place we know.

We are forward-moving. We are family. We are Racers.


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Contact Information

  • Murray State Health Services/Primary Care Medical Center

    Available for visits on campus at 100 Wells Hall, by phone at 270-809-3809 and by email at mburkeen@primarycaremedcenter.com. Additionally, Primary Care Medical Center is available for visits off campus at 1000 South 12th Street and by phone at 270-759-9200.

  • The Murray State Counseling Center

    Providing tele-counseling services via Zoom, as well as limited in-person services. On-call counselors are available 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday for crisis sessions. To schedule an appointment, please email msu.counselingcenter@murraystate.edu. In addition, many self-help resources are listed on their website, at murraystate.edu/CounselingCenter.

  • The Psychological Center

    Providing in-person counseling sessions as well as walk-in crisis sessions. Please call 270.809.2504 for more information or visit them in 401 Wells Hall.

  • Calloway County Health Department

    Available for visits off campus at 602 Memory Lane and by phone at 270-753-3381.

  • The Murray State Department of Human Resources

    Available on campus at 412 Sparks Hall, by phone at 270-809-2146 and by email at msu.hr@murraystate.edu.

  • The Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA)

    Available on campus at 103 Wells Hall, by phone at 270-809-3155 and by email at msu.idea@murraystate.edu and msu.titleix@murraystate.edu.

  • The Racer Safe and Healthy Officer

    Mr. Jordan Smith is available on campus at 219 Wells Hall, by phone at 270-809-5706 and by email at jsmith3@murraystate.edu.