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CELS Coalition for Education in the Life Sciences: The Coalition for Education in the Life Sciences (CELS) is a national coalition of professional societies in the biological sciences that have joined together in an effort to improve undergraduate education in the life sciences. Their home page has a large number of links to other resources.

Ecological Society of America: http://www.sdsc-edu/~ESA/esa.htm

ESA Education Section:

ESA Ecological Education Resources: Education Resources

OCEPT Oregon Collaborative for Excellence in the Preparation of Teachers:

SDSU Biology Lessons for Prospective and Practicing Teachers:

Second Nature:    Second Nature is a nonprofit organization working to help colleges and universities expand their efforts to make environmentally sustainable and just action a foundation of learning and practice. Education for Sustainability (EFS) is a lifelong learning process that leads to an informed and involved citizenry having the creative problem-solving skills, scientific and social literacy, and commitment to engage in responsible individual and cooperative actions. Second Nature focuses on colleges and universities because they educate our future teachers, leaders, managers, policy makers and other professionals.

Access Excellence (primarily K-1 2, supported by Genentech)

The Annenberg CPB Projects

Bioscene: Journal of College Biology Teaching

BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium - a consortium of educators committed to the development and implementation of open-ended, inquiry-based science learning and teaching.

ChemLinks: an inquiry-based curriculum development project in chemistry.

National Association of Biology Teachers

National Science Teachers Association

Association of College and University Biology Educators

Project CALC Moore, Lawrence C. (1 996) Project CALC: Calculus As A Laboratory Course.

Smith, David (1997) Thinking about Learning, Learning about Thinking.

Workshop Chemistry

Project Learnlink

Workshop Biology

Workshop Physics

Virtual Professional Development School

Project Kaleidoscope

Saunder's Publishing's Student-Active Science

ABLE (Association of Biology Laboratory Experiences) - includes "hot biology web sites"

An interdisciplinary project:

A project for developing undergraduate research activities:

Council on Undergraduate Research - a national organization that is very active in the use of undergraduate research as a learning/teaching approach. http:/


The ECOTEACH-L list- Inquiry Teaching Approaches For Long-Term Research Sites
To subscribe contact LISTSERV@SIU.EDU and type SUBSCRIBE ECOTEACH-L

Biolab - a biology education discussion site
To subscribe contact and type Subscribe biolab your name, e.g., Subcribe biolab Charles Darwin

Council on Undergraduate Research - Encourages communication and interaction within the undergraduate research community.
The listserv is for members only. To subscribe contact MAILTO:MAJORDOMO@CURLISTS.TOWSON.EDU and type SUBSCRIBE CUR-L.

Virtual Coffee Room - geology (contact John Butler at the University of Houston)


Journal of Geoscience Education
Chronicle of Higher Education
Teachign Professor
American Biology Teacher
Journal of College Science Teaching
Bioscene: Journal of College Biology Teaching
Professor and the Classroom


North American Association of Environmental Education
American Society of Microbiologists
American Institute of Biology Education
Association of College and University Biology Educators
Society of Integrative Comparative Biology
National Association of Geology Teachers
National Association of Biology Teachers

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