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Development Institutions

May 19-23, 1999

Goals of Professional Development Institute II.

  • to develop participant understanding of strategies and resources for assessing the effectiveness of teaching/learning
  • to increase participant understanding of inquiry-based teaching and learning
  • to share experiences regarding curriculum reforms that have been initiated by participants since the orientation workshop and further build connections among participants
  • to provide participants with knowledge of resources for reforming their teaching, assessment, and curricula


    Wednesday, May 19, 1999

    7:00 AM Breakfast
    8:00 AM Welcome, Introduction of P.I.s, and Overview of Workshop
    8:30 AM Ledbetter Creek - A Second Model of Inquiry
    10:30 AM Develop Presentations of Proposals Based on the RFP Provided
    11:30 AM Presentations
    12:30 PM Lunch
    1:30 PM Discussion of Teaching Models of Inquiry Used at the Mudflats
    3:30 PM Break
    4:00 PM Development of a Rubric for Self and Team Evaluation
    6:00 PM Dinner
    7:30 PM Development of a Rubric (cont.) and Discussion of Workshop/Curriculum Goals

    Terry Davin Presents (Penn Valley Community College)

    Thursday, May 20, 1999

    7:00 AM Breakfast
    8:00 AM Assessment Strategies - How do you know you have met your teaching goals? How do you know students have learned
    10:00 AM Break
    l0:15 AM Difficult Topics to Teach in Biology - What Approaches "Work" and Why?
    12:00 PM Lunch
    1:00 PM Assessment of Your Curriculum Reforms - What has your team done to enhance teaching and learning? Was it effective? How do you know?
    3:00 PM Break
    3:15 PM Discussion of Team Issues
    5:30 PM Cook Out
    7:00 PM Applying a Rubric and More Teaching Strategies

    Diane Ebert-May (University of Michigan), Jan Hodder (Oregon Institute of Marine Biology), and Bill Spencer

    Thursday, May 21, 1999

    7:00 AM Breakfast
    8:00 AM What is Effective Teaching/Learning?
    10:00 AM Break
    l0:15 AM Effective Teaching/Learning (cont.)
    12:00 PM Lunch
    1:00 PM Beaver Pond Wetland Hike or Boat Trip on Kentucky Lake
    3:00 PM Break
    5:00 PM Leave for Dinner - China House

    Inquiry in the field at Ledbetter Creek. Left to Right: Jan Hodder (Oregon Institute of Marine Biology), David McConnell (Akron University), Tom Timmons (Murray State University), and Sandra Landyut (Penn Vally Community College)

    Saturday, May 22, 1999

    7:00 AM Breakfast
    8:00 AM How and Why Walk
    10:00 AM Break
    l0:15 AM Development of Inquiry-Based Activities
    12:00 PM Lunch
    1:00 PM Cool Teaching Ideas
    3:00 PM Break
    3:15 PM Action Plans - What changes can/will you make in your curriculum/courses? How will these changes be assessed for their effectiveness?
    5:300 PM Dinner - Terry Derting's

    Jan Hodder and Jill Kruper (Murray State University)

    Sunday, May 23, 1999

    7:00 AM Breakfast
    8:00 AM Action Plans
    9:30 AM Share Team Action Plans
    l0:00 AM Break
    l0:15 AM Sharing of Action Plans
    11:00 AM Where Do We Go From Here?
    Workshop Evaluations
    12:00 PM Teams Depart

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