Data Access Policy and Data License

Watershed Studies Institute
Murray State University

Data Access Policy

This site is designed to provide information about and access to data collected by investigators associated with the Watershed Studies Institute (WSI) at Murray State University. The data are owned by the individual investigators and in some instances, the WSI. All rights to control access to a data set are retained by the designated contact person (usually the principal investigator) for that particular data set. Persons may request specific data by agreeing to the terms of the data license (below) and then submitting the data request form that follows. All requests involving data not directly accessible via web interface will be reviewed by the database manager and the designated contact(s) and, if approved, filled and sent to the requestor in the requested format.

WSI Data License

The WSI grants the requestor permission to use the data and any accompanying documentation for only academic and research purposes, subject to the following terms.

1. The requestor will not redistribute original data and/or documentation.
2. The requestor will notify the designated contact when any work based on or derived from the data and/or documentation is distributed.
3. The requestor will acknowledge the source of the data and the support of the WSI in any publications utilizing the data and/or documentation.
4. The requestor will send two reprints of any publications resulting from use of the data and/or documentation to the address below:

David S. White
MSU Watershed Studies Institute
Hancock Biological Station
561 Emma Drive
Murray KY 42071

Disclaimer: The WSI makes no representations about the suitability of these data and/or documentation for any purpose. The data are provided “as is” without express or implied warranty. The WSI shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the users of these data and/or documentation.

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Last Updated on March 16, 2016
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