Partner Renewal/New Partner Enrollment

Partner Renewal Form 

Dear Town & Gown Partners,

On behalf of Murray State University, I want to thank you for your support and partnership with the Murray State University Town & Gown program. You are part of a unique organization teaming across campus and community that is striving to improve the quality of living and learning through mutual cooperation between the University, the City of Murray and Calloway County, area industry, businesses, organizations and local school systems that thrive within our community. Every partner strengthens the connections that we share and supports our continued success.

 The support we receive from each Town & Gown partner allows us to participate in the community in a greater way. Approximately 75% of the partnership fee is returned directly to our residents through support of community and cultural events, while the other 25% provides unique benefits to our partners. Town & Gown benefits include access to the expertise of our faculty, staff and university leadership, assistance in securing work study/internships with MSU students, personal updates on university activities and priorities, two memberships to the Wellness Center and much more. Please refer to the enclosed list of benefits as well as the impact report for details. The renewal period will be open from July 1 – July 31, 2017. The annual investment amount will continue to be $1,000. Please complete the enclosed partnership renewal form at your earliest convenience and return it with payment to the MSU Office of Development. If you would like to renew online, please visit

The foundation of our Town & Gown program and the model for an important and ongoing collaboration between the community, region and campus focuses on enhancing our relationships with local businesses, organizations and your employees so that you fully understand that you are an integral part of our success. We strive to provide relevant programming that will offer increased access to our university community and leadership as well as industry best practices shared through our faculty and staff. A Town & Gown partnership can support the goals of our local businesses and organizations by fostering connections with our students through internships, employment, and volunteer opportunities. Perhaps the greatest return on your investment in the Town & Gown program is realized when the engagement of current students translates into a positive economic impact. Together we will strive to meet these aspects of our mission statement while continuing to focus on enhancing educational, cultural and philanthropic opportunities to increase the quality of life for the community.

 Again, thank you for your partnership with Murray State University through the Town & Gown program. Your involvement is very important to our continued success. Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to our continued relationship.

Carol Brunn
Special Projects Coordinator
Town & Gown
Office of Development
270 809 3023


Murray State Town & Gown Mission Statement: The Murray State University Town & Gown Partnership enhances the quality of living and learning in our communities through fostering improved communication between the university and local citizens, facilitating the discussion of community concerns, organizing educational events which promote the history, culture, and commerce of our region, and investing in collaborative partnerships with philanthropic and community service organizations.