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To Access Your Starfish Account:  Log into myGate and find the Starfish Student Success Network link on the Teaching/Advising tab or Employee tab

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Spring 2021


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Approved Syllabus Statement (Approved by Academic Council in Spring 2020)

Purpose:  Supporting student adoption of the Starfish Student Success Network is important.  Making students aware of Starfish begins inside the classroom. Introducing the  Starfish Student Success Network as a student success tool on the first day of class will give students a chance to get to know the system early on and understand how it might benefit them—either through automatic email notifications of low grades or inactivity or through accessing their support network in Starfish.

Syllabus Statement:

Starfish Student Success Network:

Your success is important! This course is part of the Murray State University student success initiative that utilizes the Starfish Student Success Network. Starfish may be used to communicate with you about your academic progress and get you help if you need it. Throughout the term, you may receive emails regarding your attendance, course grades or academic performance. To benefit, it is important that you check your Murray State email regularly and follow through on recommended actions. You may also be contacted directly by others on campus who care about your academic success and personal well-being. This may include your academic advisor and staff from Student Engagement and Success and other student support offices across campus. Starfish provides you with the opportunity to “Raise Your Hand” if you need help. Take advantage of this and other features by logging into your Starfish account through myGate. More information can be found at murraystate.edu/starfish.


Tracking Items Overview and Email Message Templates

The following links provide you with a view of the messages sent to students when flags, kudos, or referrals are raised for a student.  These messages have been customized to Murray State.  When you raise a flag, you can add your own comments.  The students will see your comments in the academic flag, all kudo, or all referral messages they receive and see your comments within their Starfish account.

Starfish Tracking Items

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