Racers Empower

Healthy Minds, Healthy Campus

Racers Empower: Healthy Minds, Healthy Campus is a collaborative effort by students, staff, and faculty members of Murray State University to promote mental health and wellness on campus. Mental health, especially anxiety and depression, is a major concern on college campuses.  

Racers Empower aims to

  • share resources,
  • encourage students to share and talk about their experiences to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness,
  • connect students with support services and activities, and
  • promote a healthy mind and body for success.

Join us on the last Monday of each month this fall  2020 for information, sharing, healthy snacks, and fun!  

August Aware

August 31 |  11 am to 2 pm  |  Alexander Hall, South Lawn

  •  Campus Resources to Help You be a Well-Student
  • Racer Safe and Healthy Guidelines

Self Compassion September

September 28  |  11:00-11:30 am  |  Zoom Only (due to weather): Zoom Link: https://murraystate.zoom.us/j/3512102775

 Racers Empower

AND Yoga on the Quad on Sept. 30 at 9:00 am!

Yoga on the Quad

October On Point

October 26  |  11 am to 1 pm  |  Location TBA

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