Student Success Coaching

Devan Multidor

Devan Multidor, Freshman, Class of 2023
Psychology Major

“This program was a necessity I didn’t know I needed my first year at college. It was great having a mentor who I felt genuinely cared about my academic achievements. It gave me a guide for when I felt lost and a boost of motivation when it was low. I am extremely grateful for the effort Mrs. Smith put into my academics and the comfort she helped me find while living on campus away from home. I highly recommend this program for all students beginning college.”

The Student Success Coach (SSC) is responsible for promoting a positive and successful learning experience for students in an effort to increase student retention, success, and completion. The SSC is integrally involved with all facets of a student’s academic, personal, and future professional success.  The SSC proactively mentors students while working closely with faculty and Student Affairs staff to support student success in and out of the classroom.  The SSC has the student's well-being and success at the focus of their work and will coach students on goal setting, academic success skills, and utilizing appropriate campus resources.  The SSC assumes both a teaching and a coaching role with equal importance given to both roles.


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Who has a success coach and contract?

Admitted first-year students who have below a 2.5 high school GPA and/or who do not meet benchmark scores in reading, English, or mathematics are required to have a success contract and coach.

May I see a copy of the success contract?

Yes, this is a sample copy. You will also find your success contract in your Starfish Student Success Network account. Your success coach will review it with you on a monthly basis.

How long will I need a success coach?

You will have a coach for the 2020-21 academic year.  If you don't meet the conditions listed on your contract,  this time may be extended.  Students not meeting regularly with their success coach during the semester may have a hold placed on their account which will prevent registering for the next term.
Student Advocacy
Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith, Coordinator in Student Engagement and Success
Student Success Coach and Advocate

“Students achieve success in different ways, and at different times. My job is to help students find what works for them, and motivate them to achieve their goals. I am invested in our students. I am a cheerleader. I am an advocate. Things aren't always rosy, but that's why Student Engagement and Success is here. We work through situations together with students to find solutions, or avenues to help them on their journey to success. There is no greater reward than a student who starts to believe in themselves, and their ability to achieve their dreams.”

2020-2021 Success Coaches:

  • Jennifer Smith, Coordinator in Student Engagement and Success
  • Shauna Mullins, Director, Center for Academic Success
  • Bobbie Greer,  Instructor, Center for Academic Success
  • Ann Matheny,  Instructor, Center for Academic Success
  • Miranda Wilson,  Instructor, Center for Academic Success
  • Emma Vaughn,  Instructor, Center for Academic Success
  • Tim Wallin,  Instructor, Center for Academic Success
  • Emily Perry, Graduate Assistant, Student Engagement and Success
  • Icces Crocker, Graduate Assistant, Student Engagement and Success
  • Peggy Whaley,  Director, Student Engagement and Success

A select group of students will have a success coach each year.   Please contact Peggy Whaley, Director of Student Engagement and Success, at or 270.809.2274 with questions.

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