Dr. SG Carthell-Executive Director
Dr. S.G. Carthell
Executive Director
Multicultural Initiatives/Dr. Marvin D. Mills, Sr.
Multicultural Center

OMI Leadership Team

Martha Briones, Student Chief of Staff
Martha Briones
Student Chief of Staff
Deonte Turnley, Graudate Fellow
Deonte Turnley
Senior Minority Graduate Fellow
Organizational Communication
Kevonte Turnley, Graudate Fellow
Kevonte Turnley
Minority Graduate Fellow
Occupational Safety & Health
Heather Redd, Graduate Fellow
Heather Redd
Minority Graduate Fellow
Agribusiness Economics
Office of Multicultural Initiatives, Student Leadership & Inclusive Excellence 
101 Curris Center (Located in the Dr. Marvin D. Mills Multicultural Center)
Office Phone:  270.809.6836
Office Fax:  270.809.5016