1. Where can commuter students park?
    Commuter students that have a parking permit can park in red zone parking lots located throughout campus.
    Parking map
  2. Where is a good place to study?
    The best place to study is the Library.
    The link provided can give information related to hours of operation and services.
    Lounges are also available in the Curris Center and various academic buildings around campus.
  3. What should I do if I lose my I.D.?
    Contact the Racer Card Office immediately.
    270-809-3003, Room 101 Curris Center.
    Hours are 8am- 4:30pm Monday- Friday
  4. Can commuter students use Health Services?
    Commuter students can use Health Services on campus.
  5. What options do commuter students have to eat on campus?
    Murray State Dining Services provides several dining options as well as methods of payment.
  6. Is there a commuter lounge?
    There is no lounge designated specifically for commuters.
    There are lounges in the Curris Center as well as a non traditional student lounge (NETO) located in Ordway Hall.
  7. Can a student be escorted on campus by the Murray State Police?
    The Murray State Police Department does provide Racer Patrol members who are available to escort students on campus.
    Call 809- 2222 to make a request.
  8. Can I store belongings on campus?
    Carr Health and the Wellness Center have lockers that can be used for storage. Contact the front desk of the Wellness Center or equipment checkout room at Carr Health for information.
  9. Can I stay with a friend on campus?
    You can stay with a friend on campus. Each Residential College has their own policy so check with the individual Residential College.
  10. Is there emergency housing on campus in case of inclement weather?
    If an emergency arises making it difficult to leave campus for the evening, a few guest rooms are available on a limited basis at the Curris Center.
    809-6985 Weekdays 8-4:30 pm
    809-2020 Evenings and Weekends
  11. What can I do between classes?
    The best options for thing to do between classes are:
    • Study at the library or Curris Center lounge areas.
    • Watch TV at Curris Center or Wellness Center.
    • Work out at Wellness Center.
    • Get on a computer in one of several computer labs on campus.
  12. What is the nearest drug store?
    The nearest drug stores are at the corner of Main St and 12th St.
    CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens
  13. How do I find out about class closings during inclement weather?
    If weather conditions are bad, tune to WKMS 91.3 FM or turn to channel 6 WPSD TV in Paducah, to find out about school closings.
  14. How do I find out about campus activities & sports?
    Check sports schedule at www.goracers.com
    Check university events at: http://calendar.murraystate.info/events/
  15. Where do I go if I lose something?
    If you lose something, check with the Murray State Police (located at the corner of 16th and Chestnut St.)
  16. If I am on campus and need to contact the Murray State Police in an emergency, what do I do?
    Call 809-2222 or locate an outdoor emergency phone located throughout campus.
  17. Will my car be safe on campus?
    You should always be sure to secure your vehicle and not leave valuables in your car. For the most part, campus parking lots are safe. Follow basic safety precautions and your vehicle should be fine.
  18. Can commuter students participate in activities of their assigned Residential College?
    Commuters can participate in activities within their assigned Residential College. Students should contact their Residential College for an activity schedule