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  • Rachel Allenbaugh (Chemistry)
    Project Title: Environmentally friendly synthesis of transition metal complexes by mechano-chemical methods
  • Kevin Binfield (English and Philosophy)
    Project Title: Servant-Poets and Local Contexts in Nineteenth-Century England
  • Randall Black (Music)
    Project Title: Bringing Forgotten Sacred Works to Life
  • James Bryant (Art and Design)
    Project Title: Creative study of Chinese typography in print and web design
  • David Canning (Biology)
    Project Title: Identification of neural stem cell binding proteins
  • Joe Caudell (Biology)
    Project Title: Distinguishing Between Wild Hogs and Feral Swine Using DNA
  • Pali De Silva (Library)
    Project Title: Information needs and use in undergraduate education in science & technology
  • James Hereford (Engineering and Physics)
    Project Title: Swarm Robotics: Investigating whether intelligence results
  • Jason Jaggers (Applied Health Sciences)
    Project Title: Active Steps for Diabetes
  • Choong-Nam Kang (Political Science and Sociology)
    Project Title: Guns of Butter? The Motivations for Large Defense Burdens
  • Christopher Lavery (Art and Design)
    Project Title: Appearance of Monsters
  • Kevin Miller (Chemistry)
    Project Title: Novel Isoxazolium Ionic Liquids for Electrochemical Applications
  • Suguru Nakamura (Biology)
    Project Title: HK-ATPase and tumor metastasis suppressor genes in prostatic hyperplasia rats
  • Ho Ryong Park (English and Philosophy)
    Project Title: Korean Students' Learning Experiences and Identity Shift in the U.S.
  • Frank Pleban (Applied Health Sciences) and Samir Patel (Educational Studies, Leadership and Counseling)
    Project Title: Assessing Health Behaviors of International College Students - A Cross-Sectional Design
  • Joshua Ridley (Engineering and Physics)
    Project Title: A Search for Pulsars in the Small Magellanic Cloud
  • Dayle Saar (Biology)
    Project Title: Taxonomic Investigations of Dahlia Species
  • Katherine Smith (Management, Marketing and Business Administration)
    Project Title: Mother-Friendly Companies and Work-Life Balance: Is there an Impact on Financial Performance and Risk Level?
  • Chris Trzepacz (Biology)
    Project Title: Construction of Unique Transgenic Reagents
  • Robert Volp (Chemistry)
    Project Title: Measurement of Monoamine Oxidase Metabolism of Phenylethylamines
  • Siahua Xia (English and Philosophy)
    Project Title: Acculturation Strategies and Identity Reconstruction in Study Abroad Programs
  • Yuejin Xu (Educational Studies, Leadership and Counseling)
    Project Title: Teachers' Perceptions of Their Teaching Conditions and Schools' Accountability Performance

2013-2014 Special Call

  • Terry Derting, Paul Gagnon, Heather Passmore (Biology), Jane Benson (Earth and Environmental Sciences), and James Hardin (Engineering)
    Project Title: Ecological Viability of Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area as a Potential Reintroduction Site for the Federally Endangered American Burying Beetle (Nicrophorus Americanus) 
  • Michael Flinn (Biology) and Robin Zhang (Earth and Environmental Sciences)
    Project Title: Application of GIS, bathymetry and long-term hydrological data to identify critical biological requirements of Bald Cypress for habitat improvement in Kentucky Lake
  • Nicole Hand (Art and Design)
    Project Title: Gender and Inequalities in the family: An Autobiographic Perspective 
  • Melony Shemberger (Journalism and Mass Communications)
    Project Title: Dorothy Dix: Her Many Roles in the Courtroom 
  • Kate He (Biology)
    Project Title: An International Collaborative Study on Leaf Traits between Exotic Honeysuckle (Lonicera Japonica) and its Native Congener (Lonicera Sempervirens) in Native and Introduced Ranges


  • Rachel Allenbaugh (CHE)
    Project Title: Preparation of room-temperature oriented liquid crystalline films of metallophilic species
  • Emre Bahadir (IET)
    Project Title: Analyzing "cost of sustainability" in metal machining industries
  • William Brown (CHE)
    Project Title: Exploration into a convenient synthesis of benzofuran molecules
  • Ricky Cox (CHE)
    Project Title: The Search for New Inhibitors of Antibiotic Resistance Enzymes
  • Wafaa Fawzy (CHE)
    Project Title: Compuational Study of Interactions between Reactive Species and Nucleotide Bases
  • Michael Flinn (BIO)
    Project Title: Competition between invasive Asian Carp and native fishes of Kentucky Lake
  • Claire Fuller (BIO)
    Project Title: Does genetic variability in tropical termites enhance resistance to disease?
  • Kate He (BIO)
    Project Title: Forecasting the spatial distribution of an invasive plant (Lonicera japonica) in Kentucky
  • Zackery Heern (HIS)
    Project Title: British-Shi'i Relations and the Creation of Iraq
  • James Hereford (EGPY)
    Project Title: Improvements to FlockOpt optimization algorithm
  • Lara Homsey (EES)
    Project Title: Tigre Dorado: a 4.3 million year old saber-tooth cat mystery
  • Sung-ho Hong (EES)
    Project Title: Mapping Rootzone Soil Moisture in western Kentucky using Satellite Imagery
  • Lloyd Horne (CHE)
    Project Title: Interfacial Charge Transport at Electrocatalytic Films Comprised of Small Metal Oxide Nanoparticles and Associated Analytical Chemistry
  • Daniel Johnson (CHE)
    Project Title: Preparing Liquid Crystalline and Nano-particulate Composite Materials from Ionic Liquids
  • Lin Li (CSIS)
    Project Title: A Computer-aided Spectroscopic Approach for Noninvasive Diagnosis of Skin Cancer
  • Dina Byers, Katy Garth, Betty Kuiper and Dana Manley (NUR)
    Project Title: The Emergency Nurse's Perception of Incivility the Workplace
  • Maeve McCarthy (MAT)
    Project Title: Developing management and control strategies of Alligatorweed using an integral projection model
  • Kevin Miller (CHE)
    Project Title: Synthesis and Thermal Analyses of Hydroxy-Functionalized Triazolium Ionic Liquids
  • Mi-Hwa Park (ELE)
    Project Title: Early Childhood Teachers' Self-Efficacy and Attitude about STEM Education
  • Doris Saar (BIO)
    Project Title: Assessing the Threat of Hybridization on a Native Plant Species
  • Katherine and Murphy Smith (MMB/ACC)
    Project Title: Social Media's Relationship to Financial Performance of Global Companies
  • Juyoung Song and Mary Sue Sroda (ENPH)
    Project Title: Emergence and development of teachers: Implications for language teacher education
  • Chris Trzepacz (BIO)
    Project Title: Direct Assessment of PAM-1 Aminopeptidase Localization in Autophagosomes
  • Howard Whitemean (BIO)
    Project Title: Ecological Implications of Life History Variation
  • Yuejin Xu (ELC)
    Project Title: Teacher Candidate Dispositions Evaluation: A Meta-Analysis
  • Charles Yorke (EES)
    Project Title: Preparing GIS dataset for modeling flood vulnerability in a Watershed
  • Robin Zhang (EES)
    Project Title: Environmental monitoring of a mixed-use watershed using new satellite imagery