Center for Academic Success

Student success is the focus in the Center for Academic Success (CAS). The CAS is the primary home for the peer tutoring program. In the CAS, you will find professional advisors, dedicated instructors, and outstanding Murray State students eager to help you become a successful college student. Our tutoring service is available for any Murray State student currently taking classes.


The Center for Academic Success at Murray State offers a variety of courses in the following areas:

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Enhancing Student Success (ESS)

ESS 120, College Study Skills: A one-hour, elective-credit course. It is available to all Murray State students, but recommended for those who have been out of school for several years, or who are uncertain that their study skills are adequate for college-level courses.

ESS 121, Advanced College Study Skills: A one-hour elective-credit course designed to further strengthen reading and study skills. To provide individualized course specific instruction, ESS 121 should be taken in conjunction with a freshman level University Studies requirement. 

For more information, please refer to the Murray State University Undergraduate Bulletin or contact Ann Matheny at

English (ENG)

 ENG 111, Fundamental Writing Skills: A one-hour elective credit course designed to further strengthen writing skills. ENG 111 must be taken concurrent with ENG 105. This course is required for students with English ACT scores of 17 and below.

For more information, please refer to the Murray State University Undergraduate Bulletin or contact Miranda Wilson at

Reading (REA)

REA 112, Fundamental Reading Skills I: A one-hour elective credit course designed to further strengthen reading skills. REA 112 must be taken concurrent with ENG 105. This course is required for students with reading ACT scores of 19 and below.

For more information, please refer to the Murray State University Undergraduate Bulletin or contact Ann Matheny at

Public Speaking (COM)

COM 161, Introduction to Public Speaking: A three- hour course in which students explore organization and presentation of ideas through participation in frequent speech activities. Students present speeches to inform, solve problems, and persuade. Communication needs of the individual students are considered and guidance is given by the instructor. 

For more information, please refer to the Murray State University Undergraduate Bulletin or contact Bobbie Greer at

Academic Advising Resources, Student Success Information, Tutoring, and Placement Testing

Advising, RACR audits, Registration and more

Here you can find information on a variety of topics including how to read your RACR audit, appeals, University Bulletins, and how to get your FREE Microsoft Office 365 Education Suite.

Major/Minor/Area and MyMajor

Get information on Majors, Minors, and Areas here at Murray State.

Don't know yet?  Already have an idea but wondering if it's the right fit? Take this survey  through Career Services to get a list of programs that might best fit your interests:

"I Am..." Major Exploration

Choosing a major and career path is a process, and there are many resources on campus to help you purposefully navigate this process. Find resources and links to these campus offices, free assessments and tools to explore and research available options.

Get Involved

Getting involved with others who share your passion for athletics, being of service to others, or supporting a cause is simply a great way to tackle stress. Also, research shows that college students who get involved on their college campus are more likely to stay in college. They balance their academics with social interactions and make great connections and lifelong friendships. Below are some links to help you get involved!

Racer Athletics

Student Organizations, Student Government Association and Greek Life  

Residential Colleges and Recreation

Success Planning

Planning for and being successful takes hard work and dedication. It requires focus and strong-will. Psychologist and researcher, Angela Lee Duckworth, reminds us that it also takes grit. “Grit is sticking with your future — day in, day out, not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years — and working really hard to make that future a reality.” You can see her TED video on the “The Key to Success? Grit”.

A Successful Racer:

Attends all classes every day  Completes assignments  Develops proper study habits  Takes ownership of their learning  Develops Self-discipline  Is teachable  Is engaged  Is prepared  Manages time wisely  Asks questions  Practices good reading skills  Stays organized  Has good self-esteem  Has balance between school and recreation  Is persistent  Is attentive  Is involved  Is inquisitive  Is on-time  Believes in themselves  Believes they belong  Listens well  Completes all readings  Places academics first for every class  Cares about academic work  Displays persona of diligence  Has a positive attitude  Reads emails from faculty  Reads syllabus  Studies daily  Follows instructions  Takes notes  Informs professors about anticipated absences  Asks for help  Manages daily life  Is a self-starter  Pays attention  Does not procrastinate  Gets to know instructors  Follows through  Is willing to try even when challenged  Is willing to ask questions  Is motivated   Well fed  Is focused  Is able to set boundaries  Becomes comfortable talking to faculty  Takes initiative   Gets involved in co-curricular events  Confirms their understanding  Self-assess  Has Vision


Free peer tutoring is offered without appointment for many University Studies classes. Located on the first floor of Lowry Center, tutors are available Monday through Thursday afternoons during fall and spring semesters.

Additional campus tutoring, including information on the Ross Math Lab and the Racer Writing Center.

For more information contact Sarah Verive at or 270.809.6267.