Declaring or Changing an Area or Major

 When do I have to declare a major?
 Students must declare a major or area by the time they earn 45 credit hours.   An undergraduate student who has a major (as opposed to an area) must also declare a second major or a minor by the time they earn 60 credit hours. Visit Career Services Resources for choosing an area or major.

 How do I declare or change my area or major?
For a change of area, major, and/or minor,  contact the Department Chair or Program Coordinator for the program of the new area, major, or minor. The Chair or Coordinator will help you with the process, as well as check your current schedule and advise you on future coursework. See  Get Help NOW for contact links to Colleges and Departments. 
If a student is changing from/to an AACSB-accredited College of Business area/major/minor (Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Finance, Logistics/Supply Chair Mgt, Management, Marketing), please contact the Center for Undergraduate Business Advising for help. 

How do I get an Academic Advisor in my new department?
An Academic Advisor will be assigned to you when you declare your new area or major. Your Academic Advisor's name is found on your myGate Academics tab.

How do I change my Academic Advisor?
See your department chair or program coordinator. If this is not possible, see your Dean or contact the Coordinator of Academic Advising at for help.

Can I change my minor?
Yes. You can change your minor when you change your major, OR you can contact the Registrar's Office to change your minor.

Do I have a minor Academic Advisor
YES. Every minor has a designated Academic Advisor. Check with the department chair or department administrative assistant to find the minor Academic Advisor.

TIP: On RACR, use the What-If feature (on left of screen) to view your academic program with a change of degree, area, major, minor, concentration/field, Bulletin year. Check out this short video on how to use the What-If feature.

Trying to find the Major or Area that is right for you? Check out the Major & Career Exploration website.