Bring Learning to Life Grants


The focus of the Bring Learning to Life initiative is to improve experiential learning outcomes through the implementation of learning experiences in which students apply principles learned in the classroom in a real-world setting. The goals of this initiative are to:

  • Identify and remove barriers to participation in experiential learning opportunities
  • Increase University support and improve infrastructure for experiential learning
  • Enhance stakeholders’ awareness of opportunities related to experiential learning
  • Increase the engagement of the Murray State community in experiential learning opportunities
  • Provide platforms for the ongoing exchange of ideas/techniques for developing new experiential learning opportunities and for strengthening existing ones
  • Improve Murray State students’ learning outcomes in approved experience-rich activities.

The purpose of the Bring Learning to Life Grants is for faculty and/or students to identify new activities or improve existing activities that help meet one or more of these stated goals.


All full-time faculty who wish to create new or improve existing experiential learning opportunities are eligible to apply. Furthermore, full-time students may also apply for mini-grants that assist them in completing experiential activities. Successful applicants will be required to document their use of grant funds prior to their department receiving grants funds in the future.


The following WILL NOT be funded:

  • Undergraduate or graduate research or creative activity (faculty and students are encouraged to seek support from the ORCA office for such activities)
  • Programs that involve only graduate students (the focus of the QEP is on undergraduate programs)

Grant Types

There will be two types of grants funded in this cycle.

Mini-Grants are what have been provided in the past and are mostly to support short-term activities that enable students to take part in experiential learning. Maximum funding for these awards is $1,500.

Instructional Development Grants are larger awards with maximum funding of $5,000. The target of Instructional Development Grants is to improve university infrastructure so that the experiential learning activity becomes sustainable for many years. Therefore, proposals must clearly demonstrate how the proposed activity will create or enhance experiential learning opportunities over the long term (multiple years).


All awards must be utilized to develop new or improve existing experience-rich activities that meet the stated objectives of the Bring Learning to Life initiative. Eligible activities include, but are not limited to, course-embedded or co-curricular projects, service learning, internship, co-op, practicum, and clinical. Matching funds are not mandatory, but will be taken into consideration by the selection committee.

Student proposals for mini-grants that impact multiple students will be given stronger consideration than individual requests. Any materials or equipment purchased with a student’s mini-grant will become the property of that student’s department. A faculty sponsor on student proposals is encouraged but not mandatory.

The committee encourages applicants to discuss their proposal with their collegiate ambassador on the Bring Learning to Life Advisory Committee. This consultation should provide advice on how to proceed with the proposal, and will help ensure that the ambassador can speak knowledgeably about the proposal during the review process. Contact Jamie Rogers ( if you need to know the identity of your collegiate ambassador on the committee.

In order to help build awareness for Bring Learning to Life grants, recipients are required to submit their events to the appropriate press channels. Grant receipts must email relevant details of their activity to at least one week prior to the activity. This will allow the university University Advancement team time to plan for social media and other coverage of the activity. For events that allow for outside attendance or participation, grant recipients are required to add their event to the Murray State University Calendar at

Grant recipients will be required to complete a Grant Report Form at the end of the grant period. This form must be submitted before any future proposals from a grant recipients’ department will be considered.

NOTE: All funding must be spent prior to the end of the fiscal year.

Deadline: 5:00 PM on October 5, 2018

Application Form

Applicants must complete the online application form found here:

Online Application form

Applicants can confirm grant submission by emailing Jamie Rogers ( The application requires the following:

  • Description of the proposed experience-rich activity and how it meets one or more of the objectives of Bring Learning to Life
  • Description of how the proposed activity will benefit student learning and how student learning will be assessed
  • Budget including detailed explanation of each budget item including how the total budgeted amount will be covered – by grant or matching funds
  • Discussion on why QEP funds are needed for the proposed activity instead of other funding sources such as departmental or collegiate funds
  • Description of how the proposed activity and its results will be disseminated to the department, college, university and/or at the state or national level