Institutional Effectiveness


Consistent with Murray State University's mission of continuous improvement, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness provides information and expertise to assist academic and nonacademic units in measuring and improving student learning and operational outcomes, supports accreditation efforts, and coordinates the review, compilation, and storage of assessment plans and reports.

Request Data

Please use the following form link for data requests:  Submit A Request for Information/Data . Please budget time for our office staff to fill your data request.  Smaller or standard data request usually take about two weeks to fulfill.  If you have a large or complicated data request, or need data during a particularly busy time of year, it may take longer to complete your request.                                                                                                                                                                     

Student Data:                                                                                                                                                                       Official student enrollment information is available late in the semester, usually by the following times of year:                         

    • Fall enrollment:available by mid to late November
    • Spring enrollment: available by mid to late April
    • Summer enrollment: available by late August

Employee Data:
We use an annual census data to record employee (faculty and staff) information. Official counts of employees, along with demographic and job information (job categories, tenure status, faculty rank, etc.) are usually available by    the end of February.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Financial Aid Information:
Official financial aid information is not available until the financial aid year has ended and all aid has been                  dispersed. Financial aid information, for the previous academic year, is usually available by late November.

Information about Program Assessment

For information about program assessment -- including guidelines, forms, workshop information, and other resources -- please link to our Library Guides webpage:

New Requirements for Academic Program Assessments

Our SACS-COC Vice President recently informed us of new program assessment requirements to maintain institutional accreditation. The new requirements are listed below. For detailed information about assessment requirements and assessment resources, please visit our Library Guide:

Formative Assessments

In addition to assessing student mastery of program learning outcomes, faculty must also assess student learning at a formative level and make program improvements based on the results of these formative assessments.

Program Outcomes (not student learning outcomes)

In addition to assessing student attainment of student learning outcomes, academic departments must also assess student achievement by measuring students’ ability to complete program requirements; excel academically and professionally in their discipline; and obtain professional licenses, employment, and/or acceptance in a program of advanced study. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is working with university offices to develop a system to    provide data about student enrollment, retention, grade distributions, graduation rates, and post-graduation placement to academic departments.

Certificate and Endorsement Programs

In addition to assessing undergraduate and graduate degree programs, departments and divisions must also begin assessing any academic program, listed in the academic bulletin, that confers a certificate, endorsement, rank change, or diploma. The guidelines for assessing certificate programs are the same as those for assessing degree programs.