Building Coordinator Program

A leading faculty or staff member has been assigned to each academic, administrative and general purpose building on Murray State's campus as a building coordinator. The Office of Environmental Safety & Health has designed an instructive module to aid building coordinators in the training of faculty and staff (in their building) in safety guidelines and emergency response procedures before one occurs. This program consists of a Power Point presentation, training manual and hazard specific pamphlets. A copy of this program will remain with the building coordinator for use by the faculty and staff of that building. ESH personalized the training programs by providing digital photos that increase faculty and staff awareness by depicting life safety equipment that is distinctive to their building.

"Shots Fired" Video - Workplace Version*

"Shots Fired" Video - Classroom Version*

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Building Coordinator Operational Guidelines

Building Coordinator Program Operational Guidelines

Applies to all regular, 12-month, full-time Faculty and Staff.  Part-time employees and persons working less than 12 months are not eligible. This is an additional task for these employees and it should not affect their regular jobs.


Building Coordinators – Communication, Door Security, and Emergency Procedure Implementation 

Assistant Building Coordinators – Provide back up and assistance to Building Coordinators 

Coordination of Program

The Office of Environmental Safety & Health will be responsible for this program.

Building Coordinator Training

List of Building Coordinators


Building Coordinator


Alexander Hall

Tami Dandeneau

Robert Lyons

Alumni Center

Katie Payne

Carrie McGinnis

Applied Science

Matt Purdy

Colleen Anderson

Biology Building

Sterling Wright

Debbie Plummer

Blackburn Science

Michael Busby

 Jennifer Thorn

Breathitt Vet Center

Ivan Baker

Patricia Godwin

Business Building

Tim Todd

Debbie Nesbitt

Carman Pavilion

Terry Canerdy

Barbie Papajeski

Carr Health

Pamela Miller


CFSB Center

Ryan Smart

Brock Rydecki

Chemistry Building

Kevin Revell

Keith York

Curris Center

Re’nita Avery-Meriwether

Debbie Futrell

Engineering & Physics

Danny Claiborne

Sheri Jones

Equine Center

Alyssia Connor

Cheryl Porr

Expo Center

Becky Ballard

Brian Parr

Facilities Management

Alan Lanier

Rick Grogan

Faculty Hall

David Balthrop

Sherry Harpole

Fine Arts

Brent Menchinger


General Services

Beth Ward


Hancock Biological Station

Michael Flinn

Gerry Harris

Henderson Campus

Heather Roy


Heritage Hall

Tina Bernot

 Kassia Tucker

Raquel Armstrong

Hopkinsville Campus

Scott Ganley

Slone Cansler

Howton Ag

Brian Hoover

Brian Parr

Industry & Technology

Danny Claiborne

John Young

Lovett Auditorium

David Balthrop

Sherry Harpole

Lowry Center

Tammy Mc Daniel

Sarah Verive

Madisonville Campus

Heather Roy

Jean Ann Bridges

Mason Hall

Joanne Farley

Dina Byers

Miller Golf Course

Will Snodgrass

Dan Jones

Nash House

Kala Dunn

Susan Malloy


 Bob Jackson

Jill Hunt

Paducah Campus

Robert Long-Mendez

Jennifer Frazier

Pogue Library

Ashley Ireland

Jeff McLaughlin

Public Safety

Donna Jackson

Francie Ray

Pullen Farm

Steve Sill

Brian Parr

Racer Arena

Brock Rydecki

Fulton Hart

Residential Colleges

David Wilson


Simpson Child Development Center

Susan Crawford


Sparks Hall

Jackie Dudley

Wendy Cain

Stewart Stadium (Athletics)

Brock Rydecki

Fulton Hart

University Club

Facilities Management

 Central Plant (weekends and after hours)

University Farm Buildings

Jason Robertson


Visual Arts Building (Ind. Ed)

Chris Lavery

David Balthrop

Waterfield Library

Cindy Clark

Ashley Ireland

Wellness Center

Travis Rawe

Jordan Williams

Wells Hall

Bob Pervine

 Angela Darnell

Wilson Hall

Orville Herndon


Winslow Cafeteria

David Looney

Sonya Lasater

Jim Halcombe

Wrather Museum

Jeff McLaughlin

Lisa Hanberry

Ashley Ireland


Residential College

Building Coordinator

Elizabeth College

David Wilson

Franklin College

David Wilson

Hart College

David Wilson

Hester College

David Wilson

Hollis Franklin College

David Wilson

James Richmond College

David Wilson

Lee Clark College

David Wilson

Regents College

David Wilson

Richmond College

David Wilson

White College

David Wilson

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