Tobacco Cessation

Plan to be Tobacco Free

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 | 12pm – 1pm | Curris Center Barkley Room
 Who: Any Murray State employees and/or spouse who are in any stage of considering quitting tobacco.
 Why: Plan to be Tobacco Free is a one-hour program presented by the Kentucky Cancer Program. It provides information, education, and resources on going tobacco free.

Bring your lunch and join us for this informative session on quitting tobacco. This event will count as one Racer Wellness sanctioned event for Wellness Pledge participants. Call 270.809.2146 with questions.

Freedom from Smoking

Day of the week: Wednesday | Time: 3pm - 4pm | Location: Curris Center Tennessee Room (3rd level)

Class Schedule:
  • Session 1: Wednesday, April 17
  • Session 2: Wednesday, April 24
  • Session 3: Wednesday, May 1
  • Session 4: Wednesday, May 8 (QUIT DAY)
  • Session 5: 48 hours after quit day....we will schedule as a group!
  • Session 6: Wednesday, May 15
  • Session 7: Wednesday, May 22
  • Session 8: Wednesday, May 29

Who: Murray State employees who have already quit or who are READY to quit. This is not intended for someone who is only contemplating quitting. Please make sure you qualify before signing up.

Why: The Racer Wellness Program is offering a FREE tobacco cessation class starting  April 17.

If you complete the class:

  • Your 2019 tobacco premium increase of $55 will be canceled for the rest of the year
  • You will receive a refund back to January 1, 2019.
  • If you signed up for the Racer Wellness Pledge, this course will qualify as your two Racer Wellness sanctioned events for Phase 1 of the Pledge.

Participate and complete the Tobacco Cessation class at Murray State University starting the week of April 15, 2019. After successfully completing the class, you will receive your refund and the surcharge will be removed going forward.

Class Details: The Tobacco Cessation class, Freedom from Smoking, is a seven-week class that meets eight times over seven weeks. This class is open to any MSU employee and/or spouse. You must attend every session in order to successfully complete the class.

Registration: Complete the registration form using the link below, by April 15
Freedom From Smoking Registration Form

Additional Information: If you are currently participating in an approved tobacco cessation program, you will also qualify for this incentive. You must successfully complete the class to qualify. Documentation will need to be provided to Lauren Smee within 30 days of completing the course at