Healthy Habits


Dr. Jackson - Racer Wellness video 

Whether we realize it or not, a lot of our daily behavior is composed of habits.  These are automatic behaviors that we do without thinking, and we generally do them the same way every day. While there is a great deal of science behind habit formation, Racer Wellness is incorporating a simple and fun way to help you focus on being more intentional about building positive habits and making them stick throughout the year.  

Racer Wellness has created the acronym below to assist with the process of building and sustaining new habits.

  • R = Remember to have fun
  • A = Associate the new habit with an existing one
  • C = Consistently repeat the habit in the same time and place
  • E = Eliminate barriers and keep it simple
  • R = Reward yourself for sticking to your habit
  • S = Substitute positive habits in place of negative ones
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