Racer Restart Plan – Spring 2021

We need your help to remain open and provide a safe environment for exercising during this pandemic.  Please do your part by following all the guidelines.  Here are the new policies we have made in order to comply with state, local, and MSU guidelines:


  • January 4 – January 15: 
    • Facility: 8am to 8pm, Monday-Friday.
    • Pool: 11am to 1pm & 5pm to 7pm, Monday-Friday
    • Saturday & Sunday Closed
  • January 16: – Returning to normal semester hours.

Membership and Access to Facility

  • Only current Murray State students, faculty, and staff will be able to access the Murray State Wellness Center starting on August 3rd. This change will not be permanent, but this policy does not currently have an end date.
  • Students will have automatic access through student fees/tuition. Faculty/Staff will have opportunity to purchase a membership or elect to become a member through the Racer Wellness Program.
  • Current faculty/staff members who had a membership during the campus closure have been given an extension on their membership and have been notified via email.
  • Non-students/faculty/staff members with active memberships were given 2 options:
    1. Refund based on membership end date.
    2. Credit towards a future membership once facility access is restored.
  • The Wellness Center Liability Waiver must be completed online before gaining access to the facility. Waivers can be completed by visiting CampusRecConnect and signing in using your MyGate credentials. 

Mask Policy

  1. Anyone accessing the Wellness Center will be required to wear a mask upon entry. Mask is to be worn throughout your entire visit with the following exceptions: 
    • In the Shower
    • In the Pool
  2. Wellness Center staff will be required to wear a mask in the facility (except when in office alone) and maintain 6 feet social distance with co-workers and patrons.
  3. Refer to the University Face Covering/Mask Policy for further information.

Wellness Center Facility

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Weight and Cardio Equipment

  • Members should disinfect all equipment with disposable wipes before and after use.
  • All equipment will be spaced at least 6 feet apart throughout the facility.
  • Anywhere equipment cannot be spaced 6 feet apart, it will be blocked off or unplugged.
  • Social distancing of at least 6 feet should be maintained throughout the facility. 
  • Staff will be unavailable for spotting in the weight room. Users should either lift weights that can be safely handled without a spotter, or the spotter must be someone already in your close contact circle (roommate, etc.) Highly recommeded that the spotter is wearing a mask. 
  • Water fountain drinking stations have been disabled. Water fountain bottle fill stations are still operational. Please bring your own water bottle.

Basketball Courts

  • Basketball goals will not be in use, rims have been removed from all goals.
  • Volleyball net will not be setup on the court. 
  • Courts will be used for overflow equipment, exercise/stretching, and group fitness classes to ensure safe social distanced activity.

Racquetball Courts

  • Racquetball will not be allowed.
  • Courts have been temporarily transitioned into Spin Studios with 10 feet social distance between each machine. 

Fitness Rooms

  • Room capacity will be posted on door.
  • Individual workout markers will be placed on the floor throughout the room to ensure social distancing. Markers will be spaced 6-10 feet apart.
  • Rooms will be used for overflow equipment and exercise/stretching. 
  • Fitness room doors will remain propped open for air circulation. When the doors are closed, please do not enter, as either a class is in session, or disinfection procedures are being completed.
  • Water fountain drinking stations have been disabled. Water fountain bottle fill stations are still operational. Please bring your own water bottle.


  • Signage has been placed at entry points to ensure members maintain 6 feet distance while on the track.

Pool & Hot Tub

  • Pool will be open and have a capacity of 50 square feet per person. (except lap lanes)
  • All lap lanes will be open. Limit of 1 person per lane.
  • Hot tub – limit 1 person at a time.
  • Vortex – limit 1 person at a time.

Locker Rooms


  • Face coverings are required inside the locker rooms unless you are showering.
  • Social distancing of at least 6 feet should be maintained inside the locker rooms and bathrooms.
  • Disinfecting wipes are available inside locker rooms and bathrooms. Please disinfect lockers and other surfaces before and after use.
    • Please do not dispose of disinfecting wipes in toilets. This creates plumbing problems for the facility. Trash cans are available in each stall for wipes disposal.
  • Only certain lockers (marked with tape) will be available for use to ensure 6 feet social distancing is maintained. (20 total) 
  • Locker rentals will not be available.
    • Lockers will be day use only and you must check-out a lock from the front desk, you cannot bring your own. Anything left in lockers overnight will be removed to allow for deep cleaning


  • Will be open for use but will not be able to be cleaned between each user. Wipes will be placed outside of showers to allow users to wipe down shower and handles before and after use.
  • Will not be checking out towels in the facility. If showering, members must bring their own towel.


  • Face coverings must be worn when in the lounge area. 
  • Furniture spaced 6 feet apart, some items have been removed from the floor.
  • Pool table, table tennis, darts, other games will be open for use, masks must be worn while participating in these activites. 
  • Computers will be availabe for use and have been placed with 6 feet social distance.

Desk Areas

  • Front desk has a plexiglass shield to help protect members and staff. To minimize touch points with facility check-in, simply show your ID to the front desk attendant. 
  • Equipment checkout will be closed. Will not be checking out items from the EC, all items will need to be checked out at the front desk or with the building manager.
    • Items that can be checked out at front desk include: lock for day use locker, ping pong supplies, pool table supplies, darts, corn hole bags.
    • All other equipment or items will not be avaialbe for checkout during the fall semester. 

Personal Training

  •  We will not have Personal Training sessions offered this semester.

Group Fitness

  • Will offer a mix of in-person and online classes.
  • Classes will be held in different locations throughout facility: fitness rooms, basketball courts, racquetball courts, or outside.
  • Depending on location, each class will have a capacity based on 10 feet social distancing.
  • Participants are required to pre-register for each class online or call 270.809.6000.
  • Participants will not have to wear a mask while participating in Group Fitness classes. However, masks are required all the way up until the class begins. 

Intramural Sports

Spring 2021 semester, Intramural Sports offerings will be based on the ability to either effectively social distance at all times or effectively wear a mask if social distancing is not possible. 

  • Sports and programs, for the spring semester include:
    • Sport Leagues (3 week seasons): Pickleball, Dodgeball, Volleyball, Cornhole, Wiffleball, Kickball. 
    • One Day Events: HORSE, Dunk Contest, 3-Point Contest, Penalty Kick Shootout, Texas Hold'em, Billiards, Darts, Swim Meet, Golf Scramble, Disc Golf, E-Sports, Badminton, Spikeball, and Tennis.  
  • Most likely, based on current guidelines, we will not be able to offer intramural basketball, flag football, or soccer in the spring semester. (Softball not being played due to field availability at the Parks facility)  
  • Mask Policy will depend on sport/activity being played and the University Face Covering/Mask Policy.
    1. Example: dunk contest participant would not have to wear mask, but cornhole participants would.
    2. Fans/spectators of sports/programs will be asked to maintain 6 feet social distance and/or wear a mask.