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2023-2024 Awards


Access the Ralph H. Woods Memorial Award application

The Ralph H. Woods Memorial Award was established to honor and recognize a student or students who have made an outstanding contribution in service and leadership to the university campus.

The selection will be made by a committee consisting of faculty and students based on resumes submitted by individuals, departments, or student organizations.

The following criteria should be considered in selecting a nominee:

  1. Must be a December 2023 or May 2024 graduate.

  2. Must be a person whose campus activities indicate leadership. (Does not have to be a formal organization or hold a formal leadership position.)

  3. Must be a person who promotes change. (Can accomplish goals - is of service to students and faculty.)

  4. Grade point average is of no consideration.

Please submit an application, along with three letters of recommendations (from peers, instructors or
whomever you like) validating the nominee's leadership capabilities. An application must be submitted no later than NOON, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 2024.

Each organization may submit as many applications as they wish for this award.
Please, one application per nominee.

Access the Max Carman Outstanding Teacher Award application

Nominations will be taken in FEBRUARY for the Max Carman Outstanding Teacher Award. Please encourage your members to participate in these nominations. The award is given in recognition of the recipient's teaching excellence as evidenced by their effectiveness and ability to motivate and inspire students in the classroom and outside the classroom.

Students may nominate the teacher by filling out this application.
Applications will also appear in the MSU NEWS.

The deadline for applications is NOON, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2024. If you have any questions, please call SGA in the Center for Student Involvement at 270.809.6951.


Access the Jim Baurer Staff Service Award application

The Jim Baurer Outstanding Staff Service Award was established to honor and recognize a staff member who has gone above and beyond the call of prescribed duty and shown exceptional dedication with regard to the students of Murray State University.

The selection will be made by a committee consisting of students based on nomination application and recommendation of the supervisor.

Each nominee will be considered on the following:

  1. Nomination information presented by a full or part-time student, of any Murray State University campus, who is nominating the staff member.

  2. A department chair or director will be called upon to submit a letter, on behalf of the nominated staff member, concerning the extraordinary service the nominated staff member brings to the University.

  3. Nominees credentials (application and letter of recommendation from supervisor) shall be reviewed by the Selection Committee with a recipient chosen.

  4. The staff member nominated must be employed full-time and have been employed full-time for a minimum of five years.

Applications must be submitted no later than NOON, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 2024.


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