Student Leadership Programs

Leadership is one of the most important facets of the co-curricular student experience.  By participating in programming hosted through Murray State's Student Leadership Programs, students will gain skills and knowledge that are critical for success outside of the classroom and after a student's time at Murray State University.  Student Leadership Programs at Murray State are comprised of two (2) categories:

  • Leadership Series
  • New Officer Trainings

The Murray State Leadership Series is a cohort program built to meet Collegiate Student Leadership Competencies.  The Leadership Series is a continuous program that begins during a student's freshman year with Emerging Leaders, which meets three (3) times a month during September, October and November and once a month during the spring semester.  The cohort then moves to sophoMORE Leadership, which meets once a month in the fall and every other week during the spring.  Leadership Murray State is the junior program, and participants meet tw0 (2) times a month throughout the course of the year.  Finally, Leadership Fellows meet once a month as a group and feed back into Emerging Leaders and sophoMORE Leadership as mentors to younger students.  Overall the program seeks for a holistic development of leadership skills and each semester each group chooses a minimum of one service or philanthropic event to do together.  For more information on the Leadership Series or for applications, visit the Leadership Series page.

 New Officer Trainings are available at the end of each Fall and Spring semester to provide new officers of Registered Student Organizations with information that is vital to their success as a leader of their organization.  For more information on New Officer Trainings, scheduled trainings and more information, visit the New Officer Trainings page.