Springer-Franklin College

The mission of the Murray State Residential College System is to provide engaging living-learning communities for the Murray State resident and commuter students. This is helped by the participation of faculty and professional staff. We promote student retention by providing living-learning communities which foster student involvement, competition, leadership development, and service... all while encouraging an appreciation for diversity and individual differences. In essence, we are building community through Diversity, Retention, Involvement, Leadership, and Learning.

Through activity participation, students get to work with faculty and administrators to help shape social and academic programming. We support philanthropic and volunteer programs that put students in contact with the community beyond the University. We commit to nurturing the development of self-sufficient, responsible freshmen so they may have a successful college experience ending with graduation.


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Crest, Mascot and Colors

Springer-Franklin's mascot is the Terrapin (turtle). Their colors are green and white.


Springer-Franklin Crest

Traditions and Annual Events

  • Freekee Teekee
  • Annual LBL Hike
  • Intramural Sports

Questions about Intramural sports? Contact our Springer-Franklin Athletic Directors!

Achievements include Residential College Council of the Year ('15 and '16), SAI's All-Campus Sing - Residential College Division champs 5 years in a row ('11-'16), RCA Spirit Flag winner two years in a row ('16 and '17), and National Residence Hall Honorary Golden Gobbler winner ('15). The Terrapins also have a winning record in Intramural Sports with back-to-back championships in women's flag football and women's softball, as well as men's swimming and water polo ('16-'17).

The Residence Hall

Springer-Franklin College is the only RC containing residents from two residential halls. The new HC Franklin Hall provides the opportunity for many of the Honors College students to live in their own community on the first floor. 

Springer Hall was built in 1964 at a cost of $939,795 to house 316 men. It was named after Mr. O.B. Springer, a graduate of Murray State and, at the time, a businessman in Henderson, KY. Springer was a member on the Board of Regents from 1950-58 and 1960-70. Franklin Hall was built in 1962-63 at a cost of $1,015,450 to house 330 men. The building was named after Mr. Hollis C. Franklin, a banker from Marion, KY. He served on the Board of Regents from 1947-56.

In the fall of 1997, the two merged to form Springer-Franklin Residential College. New Franklin was built through 2015-2017 at the cost of approximately $28 million to house 388 students, and is home to the exclusive Honors College housing.

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Intramural Sports


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