Residential College Leadership

  College Head

Dewees contact photo
Willaim D. Dewees, M.S., D.V.M.
College Head
Hutson School of Agriculture

Residential Director (R.D.)

 Evan Johnson
Zachary Smith
Residence Director
112 Elizabeth College
Murray, KY 42071

Athletic Directors

 Mariah Critchelow, AD
Mariah Critchelow
Female Athletic Director
Elizabeth College
Dylan Christian, AD
Dylan Christian
Male Athletic Director
Elizabeth College

Residential Advisors (R.A.) 

Evan Johnson
Aaron White
2nd Floor Resident Advisor
Elizabeth College
 Evan Johnson, 2nd floor RA
Evan Johnson
3rd Floor Resident Advisor
Elizabeth College
Sam Smith, 4th floor RA
Jake Butcher
4th Floor Resident Advisor
Elizabeth College
 Dory, 5th floor RA
Keeley Fairchild
5th Floor Resident Advisor
Elizabeth College
 Amy Turner, 6th Floor RA
Amy Turner
6th Floor
Elizabeth College
 Ashley, 7th Floor RA
Jenna Pajdo
7th Floor
Elizabeth College
 Kylie Head, 8th Floor RA
Kylie Head
8th Floor
Elizabeth College
 Cheyenne McKinney, 9th Floor RA
Cheyenne McKinney
9th Floor
Elizabeth College

Residential College Council (RCC)

Wendy Owens
Wendy Owens
RCC President
Elizabeth College
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Executive Board

President: Wendy Owens 

Vice President: Hannah Trautman 

Executive Director of Digital and Social Media: Kaytie Schmidt

Director of Marketing and Publications: Madison Gillentine 

Judicial Board Chair: Steven Collett 


Special Events Coordinator

The Lizo Senior Special Events Coordinators are responsible for planning and overseeing the various different activities and hosted by the Elizabeth College RCC each semester.

Brooke Donnelly

Rhyan Saunders

International Ambassadors

Our International Ambassadors work to provide resources and programs for the population of international students who belong within the Elizabeth College community.

Keeley Fairchild

Megan Overholt 

Other Council Members

Dining Services Delegate: Karamello Young

LZO Represenstative: Kylie Head

Alumni Commuter Support Representative: Jenna Straub