Replacement card

Lost RacerCard

If you lose your RacerCard, report that it is lost at the RacerCard Office. Your card will be deactivated to protect the meals, Flex Dollars and declining balance remaining on your card.

After you report your card lost so no one else can use it, you will be given a grace period of two meals at Winslow before you have to purchase a new RacerCard. If you lose your card after 2 p.m. Friday, the grace period extends to four meals over the weekend.

The meals at Winslow are given only if you report the loss of your card. If you find your card within this time period, you will need to reactivate it at the RacerCard office before it can be used again.

There is no charge for reactivation of a lost card.

If you do not find your card, you may purchase a replacement card for $20.00. The RacerCard Office accepts cash, check, credit or debit. Office hours are 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Damaged RacerCard

A $20.00 replacement charge will apply to all damaged cards if the RacerCard staff determines the damage is not from normal wear and tear. Charge waivers are unlikely-- if proper care is taken, the RacerCard should last at least four years at Murray State. your RacerCard should not be bent or scratched, and must be in good condition to enable the card readers to scan effectively.

Name change

If your name has been legally changed, you may request a replacement card at no charge.


You don't have to take a new photo for a replacement card. You can choose to have a new picture taken, or you can keep the photo from your old card.

Replacement card reasons and charges

  • Lost card - $20.00
  • Damaged - $20.00
  • New photo - $20.00
  • College to college move - $20.00
  • Move on/off campus -$20.00
  • Preferred name change - $20.00
  • Legal name change - No charge