Who gets a RacerCard?

All Murray State University students, faculty and staff at the main Murray, Ky., campus should have a RacerCard. 

Extended Campuses: Those studying at extended campuses are not required to have a RacerCard, and most likely won't need one on a day-to-day basis. You are, however, welcome to come to the main office in Murray and have one made. Many businesses offer student discounts.

Do faculty and staff need a Racercard?

Some University workers need a RacerCard to clock in and out for work, but most faculty and staff are not required to have a RacerCard.  A RacerCard is needed for Wellness Center (if you pay for membership) and local business discounts. Stop by the RacerCard office anytime between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to have a RacerCard made at no cost to you.

How much does a RacerCard cost?

RacerCards are $20. The one-time fee is assessed on your first tuition bill/e-bill if you attend the main Murray, Ky., campus. This fee is waived for faculty and staff.

If you attend a Murray State extended campus, you will need to pay for your RacerCard when you have it made. The RacerCard office accepts cash, check, credit and debit cards. Office hours are 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Replacement cards are also $20. 

When and where are ID pictures taken?

New freshmen and transfer students should have their pictures taken at Racer Nation Orientation. All other pictures will be taken during regular business hours at the RacerCard office located in Hart Residence Hall. New freshman/transfer students attending Racer Nation Orientation will have the opportunity to submit a photo prior or have a photo taken the day of orientation. Your RacerCard will be ready for pick up during orientation check-out with your Racer Nation Orientation counselor. You will be required to show a government issued photo when you pick up your RacerCard.

Can a friend or co-worker pick up my card for me?

No. The RacerCard is the official form of identification for Murray State. You must pick up your card in person and present a photo ID such as a driver's license to the RacerCard staff member.

Will I need to show another form of ID to receive my RacerCard?

Yes. You will need to present another photo ID, such as a driver's license, to receive your card. The RacerCard is the official form of identification for Murray State and the RacerCard Office will take all steps necessary to prevent fraudulent use.

When I swipe my card, nothing happens.

The magnetic stripe on your ID card may be worn or damaged. Bring your card to the RacerCard office. We will check it out for you, and if it is damaged due to normal wear and tear we will replace your card at no charge. If it has been damaged due to misuse, you may replace it for $20.

Do I need a new RacerCard each semester?

No. RacerCards never expire. It should last your entire academic career at Murray State.  Privileges, such as Wellness Center access, will cease after you graduate and are no longer enrolled as a Murray State student.

Why do some cards look different from others?

Commuter cards look slightly different to help residential colleges increase security. This way, Housing staff and Murray State Police can know at a glance whether someone is a campus resident. Residential college policy states all guests are to be escorted by a college resident.

Care of the RacerCard.

If taken care of properly, the RacerCard should last all four years at Murray State. It should not be bent or scratched. It must be in good condition to enable the card readers to scan effectively.

Contact us 

RacerCard Office
Hart Residence Hall
Murray, KY 42071