Portuguese Certificate

Online Portuguese Language Certificate – Coming Soon!

In Fall 2019 two intensive 8-week Portuguese classes (GLT 101, 102) will be offered. Three additional online language courses will allow students to receive a Certificate in the Portuguese Language. If you register for GLT 101 in Fall 2019, you will receive your book for FREE. This book can be used for four courses in the certificate. 

Why take Portuguese online? 

  • Finish your language requirements quickly and 100% online. Your Portuguese class will NEVER cause a scheduling conflict because there are NO regularly scheduled virtual class meetings. Instead, we arrange any real-time meetings to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • Earn your language requirements for your University Studies in half the time. Each three credit-hour class lasts only 8 weeks! 
  • Learn a language that is in demand and that few others are learning. Studying Portuguese is an excellent way to acquire a professional skill that is quickly growing in significance. There are over 200,000,000 native speakers of Portuguese in the world today. Portuguese is spoken on four continents: Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. For those who know Portuguese, opportunities abound in fields like international business and finance, tourism and hospitality, non-profit leadership, international relations, and many others.  
  • Portuguese and Spanish go hand in hand. If you later decide to study Spanish, the good news is that many aspects of Spanish and Portuguese are mutually intelligible, so by studying Portuguese you will also be learning many important principles of Spanish grammar. Are you a student of Spanish already? Basic Portuguese grammar will be a cinch for you to pick up. Parlay your knowledge of Spanish into knowledge of a THIRD language that will expand your opportunities for international travel and employability.
  • Expand your opportunities after graduation. MSU students who learn it will be able to take advantage of multiple international career opportunities. The US government, for example, actively recruits Portuguese speakers to assist with diplomatic, law enforcement, intelligence gathering, and economic development initiatives.
  • Funding and internships are available! There are a number of scholarship and internship opportunities for students of Portuguese: The Virtual Student Federal Service (https://vsfs.state.gov/projects) online internship program features placements for students of Portuguese, The Boren National Security Education Program language scholarships (www.borenawards.org), and Critical Language Scholarships from the Department of State and the American Councils for International Education  (https://www.clscholarship.org/).

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Dr. Robert Fritz