Other Degree Requirements

In order to receive the degree, a candidate must earn a minimum grade point average of 3.00 on all graduate courses taken at Murray State University. Repeating a graduate course does not cancel a previous grade in the course.

A candidate may not repeat a course in which a previous grade of A or B was earned for credit. A minimum grade of C is required to receive credit for a graduate course. 

A candidate is awarded one “quality deficit point” for each grade of C received, two points for each D, and three points for each E. Upon receipt of four quality deficit points, a candidate is dropped from the program without opportunity for readmission except by special permission. (Also see Scholastic Probation in Academic Bulletin.)

A maximum of twelve semester hours of graduate credit taken at a regionally accredited institution with the approval of the academic advisor and collegiate graduate coordinator and/or dean may be transferred toward the fulfillment of core courses or electives, that a grade of B or better was earned, and that a 3.00 grade point average is earned in Murray State graduate courses. Transfer courses must fall within the eight-year time limit allowed for completion of the master’s degree.

Foundation courses may be completed at Murray State University or at any regionally accredited four-year institution or recognized foreign institution, before or after acceptance into the program. Only the 100- and 200-level foundation courses may be completed at a community or junior college.

A candidate who reapplies after a period of inactivity of 36 months will be subject to the degree requirements in effect at the time of reapplication.