Camp Director Information

Murray State University encourages outreach in the form of seasonal camps and summer contracted programs. The following procedures outline MSU’s safety and risk management requirements for all seasonal camps and contracted camps. The procedures are assigned to all MSU Sponsored Camps, Athletic Camps, and Contracted Programs, particularly those programs involving the care of minors. Its terms apply to all camp personnel, including directors, staff and volunteers. 
The Camp/Program Director is responsible for overseeing and ensuring the compliance of all safety procedures. 

 What is the Camp/Program Director responsible for?

Notification Form

At least 60 days before your event, complete the Contracted Program and Seasonal Camp Notification Form.

Emergency Contacts

Establish a process during registration that collects emergency contact information for all participants. This should include at minimum participant’s name, address, phone, email, and in the case of minors, the guardian’s name, address, phone, and email. Camp/Program Directors should also gather emergency contact information for their staff and volunteers.

Crisis Communication Plan

In the event of an emergency or campus-wide crisis, the Camp/Program Director will be responsible for developing a plan and contacting guardians of participants and staff/volunteers. This will be submitted to the University via the Contracted Program and Seasonal Camp Notification Form noted above. It can include phone calls, texts, emails, social media groups, or apps designed for rapid communication.

Staff/Volunteer Trainings

Murray State University is committed to providing a safe learning, working, and living environment that is free from violence and unlawful discrimination and harassment for the entire University community as well as visitors, patrons, campers, and program participants. As part of this commitment, Murray State University requires all Camp/Program Directors and Staff to complete the following training courses prior to the start of your program.

• Protecting Children: Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct
All Camp/Program Directors and staff must complete the "Protecting Children: Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct" course. However, the Camp/Program Directors must also complete the “Protecting Children: Hiring Staff who work with Minors” course, which is also found at the link above.

 Campus Security Authority
All Camp/Program Directors and staff must complete Campus Security Authority. Please note: The video references a quiz, however there is no quiz at this time.

Click here for further instructions on how to access or complete the trainings. Upon completion of each training, the user will receive an email confirmation of completion that should be sent to the Camp/Program Director and kept in the camp’s permanent files. Proof of all staff's completion of the required trainings must be submitted to the Community Outreach Coordinator. These trainings must be completed each year. Failure to complete the required trainings could result in the cancellation of your camp or program.


Contracted Programs are required to provide proof of appropriate liability insurance coverage to the Community Outreach Coordinator or their University liaison. MSU must be named as an additional insured on the policy.

MSU Sponsored Camps will have their group accident insurance purchased and recorded by the Community Outreach Coordinator.

Athletic Camps must obtain appropriate liability and accident insurance and name MSU as an additional insured on the policy. Proof must be provided to designated Athletics authority.

Background Checks

Background checks must be conducted annually on all staff and volunteers working directly with minors. MSU employees who have not had more than a 12 month break in service and had a background check conducted upon hire are not required to obtain another background check for their camp/program.

It is the Camp/Program Director's responsibility to ensure background checks are comprehensive, national, and include searches for criminal felonies and misdemeanors as well as the National Sex Offender Registry.

A background check provided by your current employer dated within the past 12 months that meets the above criteria may be accepted.

Contact MSU Human Resources at 270.809.2146 for questions and assistance with background checks.

Participants with Specific Needs

The Camp Director or designated appointee shall work with the Office of Student Disability Services to assist a camper seeking a reasonable accommodation.


All Camp/Program Directors should refer to the  Camp/Program Director’s Safety Procedures Checklist to ensure all requirements have been met.  More details can be accessed here: Required Safety Procedures for Seasonal Camps and Contracted Programs.

Questions? Contact the Community Outreach Coordinator.