Frequently Asked Questions

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How will I know which classes to take?

BIS 399 is the first class all entering students need to take their first semester. Once you have been admitted and assigned an advisor, a Racer Audit will be generated which will help you and your academic advisor understand what coursework is needed to graduate. Your Racer Audit will be available on your personal myGate portal at any time for you to view.

What is the admission process?

Students with at least 60 hours of previous earned college credit and a 2.2 GPA may transfer into the university and declare the BIS degree as their program of study. Current Murray State students who are junior or senior standing and have a 2.5 GPA may change their majors to the BIS program. We do recommend all interested students speak to a BIS advisor before entering the program.

Are there any students who should not pursue a BIS degree?

A very good question. This is why it’s important to speak to a BIS advisor before applying to the program or changing your major. We want to make sure you’re in the right place! This degree works well for a broad range of students but for those who require certification or accreditation in their fields, please stay in your traditional degree programs. Those particular employers are looking for specific diplomas with very set curriculums.

When can I start?

Applications are accepted for Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer semester start dates.

How can I earn credit in the BIS program?

One of the strengths of the BIS program is its flexibility. You can earn credit through a variety of ways: on-campus, online and educational portfolios (something you will learn more about in BIS 399).

How long will it take to graduate?

That answer is different for every entering student. It depends on a couple of things like 1) how many hours you are transferring in and 2) how many classes you can take per semester.

What exactly can I do with this degree?

That’s a question and we hear it all the time. We have graduates working for employers such as: Arkema, Black & Decker, Illinois Secretary of State, Kentucky State Police, Murray State University, Rehab Associates, United Airlines, US Department of Agriculture and so on. Many BIS graduates also pursue Master’s degrees and beyond. Many of our students are already employed while they pursue their BIS degree.

Is there a sequence to the BIS courses?

Yes, BIS 399 needs to be taken the first semester you start the program. It’s a great way to acclimate yourself with online learning and get familiar with on-campus services for distance learners and non-traditional students. You can take BIS 301 the same semester as 399 if you wish. BIS 302 needs to be taken after BIS 399 and 301. BIS 437 needs to be taken at the end of your Field of Study block. This will be covered in BIS 399 at more length and a BIS advisor can give you more information as well.

What is BIS 437, the Senior Project?

We consider this a very unique, individualized and remarkable educational experience for our students. At the end of the Field of Study block, you are required to demonstrate what you have learned in your Field of Study. You get to have the undivided attention of a Murray State faculty member to guide, mentor and grade you on this experience. It is typically a written project which is why we require a minimum grade of C in your University Studies English course(s). It is worth 6 hours of credit so we typically see at least 50 pages of written work. If you’re creative and want to do something more hands-on, there may be opportunities for you as well but there will need to be a written component. You will get more information about this in BIS 399 or from a BIS advisor.