Degree Requirements


General Degree Requirements

  • Total Earned Hours Required: 120
  • Hours Earned at Murray State, in Residency: 32
  • Upper-Division Hours: 39
  • Overall GPA: 2.0
  • Field of Study GPA: 2.5
  • Murray State Courses GPA: 2.0

Requirements will vary depending on your catalog year. For more information, please contact a BIS advisor.


Integrated Studies Curriculum

BIS 399- Seminar in Integrated Studies (3 Hours; online only; must earn a C or better)

University Studies       
Oral & Written Communication (7 Hours)
ENG 105 - Composition (Previously ENG 101 & 102) (4 Hours)
One elective from this category

Scientific Inquiry, Methodologies, and Quantitatives Skills (7-10 Hours)
Science course with a lab (4-5 Hours)
Math 117 or above (3-5 Hours)

World's Historical, Literary, & Philosophical Traditions (6 Hours)
CIV 201 or 202  (3 Hours)
HUM 211 (3 Hours)

Global Awareness, Cultural Diversity, & the World's Artistic Traditions (3 Hours)
 One elective from this category 

Social & Self-Awareness and Responsible Citizenship (6 Hours)
One Ethics, Social Responsibility, & Civic Engagement course (3 Hours)
One Social Science course (3 Hours)

 University Studies Approved Electives (9-12 Hours)
 Choose courses from University Studies options. No more than two courses from any one Thematic category and no more than one course from the Enrichment Electives category.

Field of Study
Field of Study Courses (18 Hours)

Research Methods (6 Hours) - Recommended: BIS 301 & BIS 302 (online only)

BIS 437- Senior Project (6 Hours; online only; prerequisite of C or better in ENG 101/102/105 or equivalent; must earn a C or better)

47-52 semester hours, enough to equal 120 total hours 


 Residency Requirements

You must take at least 32 hours at Murray State in order to earn your degree. Courses that apply to the residency requirement of 32 credit hours are:

  • Murray State classes
  • Murray State online courses
  • Murray State credits earned by departmental challenge exams
  • Murray State credits earned by independent learning contracts and/or educational portfolios