New University Studies Program

Beginning Fall 2022

University Studies Program - 32 minimum credits


One course from each category

  • Oral Communication
    • Foundations SLO 1a: Students will display effective oral.
  • Written Communication
    • Foundations SLO 1b: Students will display effective written communication.
  • Scientific Inquiry and Methodologies (must include lab)
    • Foundations SLO 2: Students will demonstrate the ability to interpret, express, and define questions of natural phenomena by using the scientific method.
  • Quantitative Reasoning
    • Foundations SLO 3: Students will demonstrate use of mathematical reasoning to define and interpret questions and to build and express informed conclusions.
  • One additional course to fulfill the BA/BS Degree Requirements
    (BS: a natural science or mathematics/statistics course; BA: a global language course)

The Human Experience

One course from each category

  • Literary and Philosophical Perspectives
    (Humanities, Literature, Philosophy)
    • Human Experience SLO 1: Students will demonstrate critical thinking in application of ethical and enduring questions.
  • Historical Perspectives
    (World Civilizations, World History)
    • Human Experience SLO 2: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the complexities of diverging perspectives, both current and historical.
  • Creative Perspectives
    (Art, Creative Writing, Music, Theatre)
    • Human Experience SLO 3: Students will display a rich understanding of the process, meaning and value of creativity and creative expression.
  • Social and Behavioral Perspectives
    (Social/Behavioral Sciences)
    • Human Experience SLO 4: Students will demonstrate understanding of the interconnectedness of human behavior and the human experience.
  • Culture and Diverse Perspectives and Responsible Citizenship
    (Courses from a variety of disciplines. Courses must address Culture/Diversity and Responsible Citizenship)
    • Human Experience SLO 5: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the importance of participating as well-informed citizens in a diverse and global society.

University Studies Mission Statement

The Murray State University Studies curriculum prepares students to participate as critical thinkers, effective communicators, and discerning citizens within their academic programs and communities. Emphasizing diversity, global awareness, and intellectual curiosity, the University Studies curriculum complements our academic programs and fosters scholarship and understanding of the rich human experience.


  • University Studies courses may not “narrowly focus on those skills, techniques, and procedures specific to a particular occupation or profession.” (SACS-COC)
  • Regarding courses in the new Literary and Philosophical Perspectives category:
    “Courses in basic composition that do not contain a significant literature component, courses in oral communication, and introductory foreign language courses are skill courses and not pure humanities courses. Therefore, for purposes of meeting this standard, none of the above may be the one course designated to fulfill the humanities/fine arts requirement.” (SACS-COC)
  • University Studies courses must explicitly and directly meet the category’s Learning Outcomes.
  • All University Studies classes must be published on Canvas (or current LMS).
  • All University Studies classes must provide Learning Outcome assessment artifacts via Canvas (or current LMS).
  • The BA requires a minimum of one global language course. Disciplines are encouraged, but not required to include additional global language coursework as part of the major/area degree requirements.