Faculty and Staff

International Professional Development Opportunities

International professional development programs are a unique way for faculty and staff to gain insight into how study abroad programs operate, the challenges international students face when they come to the U.S., and new ways to infuse international content into existing courses or create new courses with an international focus. We invite you to peruse the opportunities available to Murray State faculty and staff for the current academic year or apply now for the program you're interested in.

Teach Abroad

Our faculty and staff members who teach and direct study abroad programs are priceless assets to Murray State. Increasing student participation and growing quality academic programs enables us to partner for strides in meeting Murray State's goal to integrate experiential education into every student experience. The Teach Abroad section of our site will help you find the right path to develop your course abroad and become part of the study abroad team. Ready to apply now? Go to the application site and get started using the application "Faculty-Led Program Proposal." Questions? Go to our Teach Abroad site and peruse until your brain is exhausted, then chat with the Director of Education Abroad to make your course a reality.

Horizons Help

Faculty and staff working within the online study abroad application system may be applying for a program, reviewing applications, or submitting recommendations. The Education Abroad Office has developed Help Sheets to direct you as you work through the system. If you have suggestions for additional Help Sheets, please let us know.

Faculty Study Abroad Ambassadors

Faculty Study Abroad Ambassadors (FSAAs) ensure that our Murray State faculty community is aware of the study abroad opportunities available to our students as well as the opportunities for our faculty to teach and participate in professional development abroad. FSAAs serve as a front line for information dissemination to students for scholarships and programs abroad within their academic realm. As the Curriculum Integration process has continued (since 2005), FSAAs have been invaluable in partnering with the Education Abroad Office to both educate students and departmental faculty and to create materials and programs.See the page linked above for the current list of FSAAs and more details on the FSAA program.

Global Engagement Outreach Awards

The GEO is an award made to faculty who seek to create new and innovative international education programming within or outside the MSU campus classroom. Awards are made when funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Application materials are online at the link above.

Academic Advising and Education Abroad