Reverse Transfer

Wouldn't it be nice to recognize the work you have already done by having an associate degree? The reverse transfer process helps you do just that by looking at your past and current credits among multiple institutions and putting them together to see if you qualify for an associate degree award. 

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What is Reverse Transfer?

Reverse transfer is the process of transferring university credits back to a community college for the purpose of fulfilling associate's degree requirements. For students who have attended a Kentucky community college and transferred to Murray State without first completing an associate's degree, your Murray State coursework can be transferred backwards (or in reverse) to the participating community college.

What are the benefits to me?

Finishing a college degree is an important milestone in your education. An associate degree is seen as a marketable credential for undergraduate students working their way through a baccalaureate degree.

An associate degree is also useful in obtaining a summer job or an internship--employers view a degree holder as someone who can "get the job done."

Life happens. At any time something unanticipated could happen and school is interrupted. An associate’s degree can be the edge needed when facing the job market unexpectedly.

It’s FREE and there is no risk – the hours earned at Murray State will apply toward both your associate and baccalaureate degrees. Not all Murray State courses may apply to an associate degree.

Is there a charge to participate?

There is NO CHARGE to participate. This is a FREE BENEFIT to our students!

Will I still be enrolled at Murray State University?

YES! Reverse Transfer does not affect your enrollment at Murray State. This process is for currently enrolled Murray State University students seeking their first baccalaureate degree.

How does the Reverse Transfer process work?

Students who meet the minimum qualifications will receive an invitation via their Murray State email address. The invitation will include a form to collect the student’s required information and his/her consent to share their academic record between Murray State and their community college. Murray State will send their cumulative academic record to the student’s community college. The community college will review the student’s cumulative academic record to see if he/she qualifies for an associate degree. If the student qualifies, a degree will be conferred and a diploma mailed to the student. The community college will share an updated copy of the student’s academic record with Murray State University showing the new degree conferral.

Who qualifies?

Students who qualify for an invitation must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. Currently enrolled Murray State University students

  2. Seeking their first baccalaureate degree

  3. Completed at least 60 cumulative hours between Murray State and the community college

  4. Earned a minimum of 15 hours from the community college

  5. Have a minimum cumulative gpa of at least 2.00

What if I don't qualify yet?

Don’t worry. You may be in the following semester’s invitation to participate. If you have questions about your qualification status, send an email inquiry to

Will earning an associate's degree impact my eligibility for financial aid, scholarships and/or military benefits?

Earning an associate's degree will not impact your eligibility for state or federal financial aid or military federal educational benefits while you are enrolled at a university and pursing a bachelor's degree (state benefits may be impacted). If you are receiving private scholarship money, please check with the awarding organization to ensure that earning an associate's degree will not render you ineligible for your specific scholarship.

What schools participate?

At this time, we have partnered with the following local community colleges:

  • Henderson CC

  • Hopkinsville CC

  • Madisonville CC

  • Owensboro CTC

  • West Kentucky CTC

Additional schools may be added in the future.

How do I participate?

Each Fall (September) and Spring (February) semester, an email invitation will be sent from Murray State University’s Office of the Registrar to currently enrolled students who meet the minimum qualifications. If you did not receive an email but are interested in this opportunity, send an email inquiry to

The email invitation will contain a link to a Reverse Transfer Degree Application. Students can only access this application by using their Murray State login credentials.

Is there a deadline to apply?

The deadline to apply is near the end of February for the Spring semester and the end of September for the Fall semester. Details will be provided in the email and on the Reverse Transfer Application.

Am I guaranteed to earn an associate degree from my community college?

No. Students who receive an email invitation from Murray State University meet the minimum requirements to earn an associate degree. Your community college has additional requirements to earn the associate degree. Murray State, with your written permission via the Reverse Transfer Application, will send your cumulative academic record to your community college. They will carefully evaluate your record and award any credentials you may have earned.

When will I receive my diploma and who will send it?

Diplomas are mailed to students by the community college during their regular degree conferral process for that semester. Students who have financial or other holds at either Murray State University or their community college will likely not receive their diploma until the hold has been removed. Either school will notify you if you have a hold on your account.

Can I participate in a commencement ceremony at my community college?

Contact your community college for information regarding commencement participation.

If I graduate with an associate degree, does that mean I cannot return to my associate degree granting school and take additional courses or pursue another degree there?

No. As long as you meet that school’s admission criteria and are eligible for admission, you may pursue additional coursework or degrees in the future.

Contact Information

If you have consented to participate in Reverse Transfer and you have questions about your associate degree, contact your community college's registrar:

Henderson Community College -

Hopkinsville Community College -

Madisonville Community College -

Owensboro Community and Technical College -

West Kentucky Community and Technical College -


If you have general questions about the Reverse Transfer process, contact