Dr. Sherri Powers
Dr. Sherri Powers, DOT, MSOT, BSOT, OTR/L
Program Director
Occupational Therapy
Office Suite 205C
Fax: 270.809.5473
about Sherri

Dr. Sherri Powers is the Director of the Occupational Therapy Program at Murray State University-- Paducah Campus, with specialties in pediatrics, geriatrics, and leadership. She is interested in research/scholarly projects relating to improving function for her patients and improving the occupational therapy student’s grasp of occupational therapy concepts. More specifically, Dr. Powers focuses on the geriatric population with urinary incontinence issues and nursing home staff educational & programming needs, as well as textbook reading and learning strategies for college students. Additionally, Dr. Powers has implemented research projects focusing on occupational therapy delivery models for children in the school system. Dr. Powers graduated from Temple University, Philadelphia PA with a doctorate in occupational therapy (DOT) in 2010, focusing on Pediatrics, Ergonomics, and Leadership; received both MSOT (2007) and BSOT (2004) in occupational therapy from University of Southern Indiana, Evansville IN; and, an AAS in occupational therapy assistant from SICCM, Herrin IL in 1999. Dr. Powers has several years’ experience teaching in both OT & OTA programs, has multiple publications & presentations, earned Master Teacher designation 2011, and has a certified therapy dog which she utilizes in pediatric and geriatric settings for animal-assisted occupational therapy service provision.

Candace Alvey
Dr. Candace Alvey, OTD, BS/MSOT, OTR/L
Assistant Professor
Occupational Therapy
Office Suite 205A
Fax: 270.809.5473
about Candace

Dr. Candace Alvey is an assistant professor in the occupational therapy program at Murray State University, Paducah campus. She received both her BSOT (2009) and MSOT (2010) from the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, Indiana. She received her DOT (2018) from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky. Dr. Alvey has been practicing OT for the past 8 years with experience in acute, subacute, outpatient, and long-term care settings. She has special interest in research concerning the geriatric population with focus on oral care and the effects of poor oral hygiene on the health and well-being of those living in a skilled nursing facility. Dr. Alvey is a National rated women's gymnastics official where she officiates competitions through the collegiate level. Dr. Alvey had the honor of being selected to officiate both the 2018 Southeast Conference Championship in St. Louis, Missouri and the 2018 Regional Championship in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kim Parr
Ms. Kim Parr, MSOT
Academic Fieldwork Coordinator
Occupational Therapy
Office Suite 205B
Fax: 270.809.5473
about Kim

Kim Parr is the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator and Instructor for the Occupational Therapy Program at Murray State University--Paducah Regional Campus. She has been in the field of Occupational Therapy since 1999 with experience in most areas with specialty focus in pediatrics and orthopedic therapy. Ms. Parr has previous teaching experience at the Associate level in Occupational Therapy. Ms. Parr obtained her MSOT (2006) and BSOT (2005) from the University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN and her AAS in Occupational Therapy (1999) from Shawnee Community College, Ullin, IL. Ms. Parr is currently pursuing her post-professional doctorate in Occupational Therapy.

Madison Cole
Ms. Madison Cole
Adjunct Professor
Occupational Therapy
about Madison

Mrs. Madison Cole has been an occupational therapist for 4 years. She graduated from Spalding University with a Masters of Occupational Therapy and a Bachelors of Health Science. Since graduation, Mrs. Cole has been in a variety of settings—home health, skilled nursing, acute, inpatient rehab, and outpatient orthopedics and pediatrics. She is currently employed full time with the Paducah City Schools as their district Occupational Therapist.

Verlinda Henshaw
Dr. Verlinda Henshaw, OTD, MS, OTR/L
Adjunct Professor
Occupational Therapy
about Verlinda

Dr. Henshaw is the Executive Director of Rehabilitation Services for Southern Illinois Healthcare/Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Southern Illinois. She is adjunct faculty with specialty in orthopedics, occupational medicine and administration. Dr. Henshaw owned and operated a company that provided outpatient therapy services as well as on-site industrial services for companies prior to merging with Southern Illinois Healthcare. She graduated from University of St. Augustine, St. Augustine, Florida with a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy focusing on the acute care of orthopedic conditions and administration. She received a Master Degree in Occupational therapy from San Jose State University and a Bachelor degree in Occupational therapy from University Illinois of Chicago. She was the former Academic Fieldwork Coordinator and Program Director for an occupational therapy assistant program. Dr. Henshaw is focused on program development for rehabilitative services of the future.

Dr. Christine Watt
Dr. Christine Watt
Occupational Therapy
about Christine

Dr. Watt has been in the profession of occupational therapy for 20 years – 5 years as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, 8 years as a Registered Occupational Therapist working in clinical settings, and 7 years as an educator in an occupational therapy program. Her clinical experience includes settings in inpatient, outpatient, industrial rehabilitation, skilled nursing facilities, and home health. Dr. Watt’s research interests include aging in place, industrial rehabilitation, and mental health.