Mathematics Major


"My academic experience at Murray State University was excellent due to the great quality of the Mathematics department. My professors truly cared about my success, and encouraged me daily to meet my goals. This environment and the rigorous course work truly prepared me for my current position teaching in the Mississippi Delta with Teach for America. "

Mary Evelyn Langford
B.S. in Mathematics, 2014


Mathematics is used in every quantitative discipline. This major will give you an excellent foundation in mathematics and statistics, and you may combine it with a minor of your choice.

Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Arts Degree

University Studies Requirements:  38-44 hrs
(see Academic Degrees and  Programs in bulletin)

Required Courses:  25 hrs

MAT 100T Transitions
MAT 250 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I1
MAT 308 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II1
MAT 309 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III1
MAT 312 Mathematical Reasoning2
MAT 335 Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra
STA 540 Mathematical Statistics I3

Required Limited Electives:  15 hrs

Five MAT courses (3 or 4 credit hour) selected from MAT 338 and MAT or STA courses numbered 400 or above including:

at least one of the following:

MAT 513 Modern Algebra 1
MAT 516
Introduction to Topology
MAT 525 Advanced Calculus I

and at least one of the following:

MAT 442 Introduction to Numerical Analysis
MAT 506 Mathematical Modeling I
MAT 524 Boundary Value Problems
STA 541 Mathematical Statistics II

Co-requirements: 3 hrs
One course in computer programming selected from CSC 145, 232, 233, 235, or EGR 140

Required Minor:  21 hrs

Electives:  12-18 hrs

Total Curriculum Requirements:  120 hrs

Four-year program plans starting with:  MAT 150  MAT 250

Academic plans for this program: B.S. Mathematics Major   B.A. Mathematics Major

1May be taken as a University Studies elective.
2This is a University Studies writing intensive course.
3This is a University Studies technology intensive course.