Mathematics/Data Science area

Recent years have seen a dramatic rise in data scientist/data analytics positions in industry and government. In the Data Science Area, students learn to integrate advanced computer technology with modern statistical and mathematical concepts, preparing them for an exciting career at the intersection of computer science and
statistics. Students get a foundation in computer programming, data analysis, and database systems, placing them at the forefront of a rapidly growing field.

Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Arts Degree

University Studies Requirements:  40-44 hrs
(see Academic Degrees and Programs in Bulletin)

University Studies selections must include:

Scientific Inquiry, Methodologies and Quantitative Skills:
MAT 250 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I

Required Courses:  36 hrs

MAT 100T Transitions
STA 253 Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis
STA 265
Methods of Statistics and Data Science
MAT 308 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
MAT 309 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III
MAT 312 Mathematical Reasoning
MAT 335 Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra
MAT 442 Introduction to Numerical Analysis
STA 540 Mathematical Statistics I
STA 565 Applied Statistics I
STA 567 Introduction to Time Series Analysis

Co-requirements: 15 hrs

CSC 145 Introduction to Programming
233 Programming in Python
CSC 345 Data structures
CIS 407 Advanced Database Management Systems
CIS 508 Data Analysis and Classification for Machine Learning


Required Limited Electives:  9 hrs

Choose at least one from
STA 568 Bayesian Methods
MAT 518 Introduction to Graph Theory
CSC 415 Programming Languages
CIS 509 Data Management for Data Warehouses
CIS 543 Advanced Business Analytics

Choose at least one from
STA 541 Mathematical Statistics II
STA 566
Applied Statistics II
STA 569
Topics in Statistics
MAT 508 Introduction to Combinatorics
MAT 515 Theory of Numbers
MAT 528 Introduction to Game Theory
MAT 535 Linear Algebra
MAT 542 Numerical Analysis
MAT 545 Boolean Algebra with Applications to Digital Computer Design
MAT 570 Linear Programming


Unrestricted Electives:  16-19 hrs

Total Curriculum Requirements:  120 hrs