Graduate Programs

Graduate Coordinator: Timothy Schroeder, email:

Our programs help prepare you to:

  • teach at the junior college level or improve your teaching at the secondary school level
  • obtain preferred employment in mathematics with industry or government
  • continue on to a Ph.D. program in mathematics

Graduate Programs Tuition & Fees

We offer the following degrees:

Master of Arts in Teaching: a program designed for certified teachers who wish to strengthen their discipline-based background and obtain current information in educational theory, curriculum and research.

Master of Science: this program consists of a core of applied mathematics together with courses (at most 9 hours) in an allied field such as business, computer science, physics, economics or finance. (See an example of allied courses for economics and finance here.) The program is flexible and is particularly suited to meet the needs of students preparing for careers in business, industry or government, or those wishing to pursue a doctoral degree in mathematics.

Master of Arts: a broadly based program that includes a study of algebra, analysis, topology, and the foundations of mathematics.  It is well-suited for someone planning to pursue a doctoral degree in mathematics.

"Becoming an actuary requires the completion of a set of rigorous exams on mathematical and financial topics. The dedicated faculty and challenging coursework in the master's program at Murray State prepared me well for these exams, and for success in my career."

S. Kevin Sullivan
Fellow of the Society of Actuaries
M.S. in Mathematics, 1993