Contact Us and Quick Reference Guide

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Murray State University
Faculty Hall, Room 6C
Murray, KY 42071-3341
Phone: (270) 809-2311
Fax: (270) 809-2314

Administrative assistant: Susanne D'Angelo, (for general questions)

Department Chair: Ed Thome, (for questions about our undergraduate programs, or other questions)

Graduate Coordinator: Timothy Schroeder, (for questions about our graduate programs)

Website content manager: Dubravko Ivansic, (for questions or comments on the Mathematics and Statistics website)

For the list of our faculty, see Faculty and Staff.

To find out about undergraduate degrees we offer, see Undergraduate Programs.

To find out about graduate degrees we offer, see Graduate Programs.

For help in choosing a math course to fulfill a University Studies requirement, or to see requirements to enter certain courses, see Advising Information.

For free assistance with mathematics or statistics coursework, see The Ross Mathematical Studies and Career Center.

To see the complete list of mathematics and statistics courses and when they are typically offered, see Mathematics and Statistics Courses.

To learn about possible careers in mathematics or statistics, see What Can I Do With Mathematics and Statistics.