Learning from Cybersecurity Breaches—Blockchain’s Role in Cybersecurity

Tonya McKinney - Chief Innovation Officer, TCS Salesforce Practice

Tonya McKinney will briefly visit the most publicized opportunities for Blockchain in Cybersecurity from data veracity/security and hardware provenance to software update validity and biometric private keys. Next, Tonya take a look at some recent cybersecurity fails and collaborate on how/where Blockchain could have prevented or mitigated these issues.

Finally, she'll discuss the challenges to Blockchain Cybersecurity from some old enemies: Fishing, Malware, Tech Attacks, User behavior, Dictionary Attacks…and Plain Old Theft.

More Than a Checkbox: Changing Your Perspective on Risk Management
Tyler Leet - Director of Risk and Compliance Services, Regulatory Compliance Group, Computer Services, Inc.

Does risk management seem like a chore? Are you bored thinking about compliance, assessments and audits? Well, it’s time to think differently! Risk management offers a strategic opportunity to understand your business from new vantage points.

That’s why today’s most sensible organizations leverage risk management as a key business strategy, not a mundane to-do. Join us for this session where we’ll talk about adding value to the risk management process and consider real-world examples of what worked best (and what didn’t) for businesses.

Red vs Blue (and Purple too!)
Lauren Proehl - Lead Information Security Engineer, CenturyLink Corporate Defense

There are many different branches of security that help secure organizations and individuals. Practitioners frequently feel torn between offensive and defensive career paths, but there is a blended track that is frequently overlooked.

The talk will cover the basics of red team, blue team, and purple team careers, and how to leverage purple teaming effectively to propel your career and security organizations.

Physical Security at the Infrastructure Layer
Scott Ware - Great Lakes Regional Vice President of Sales, Great Lakes Case & Cabinet Co., Inc.

The detrimental nature of recent cyberattacks and attacks against physical IT assets has prompted increased attention to standards compliance that govern how data should be properly protected. In response to more stringent standards, improved security is required at the enclosure layer.

This new layer includes security measures at the enclosure level are able to effectively detect, delay, and deter breaches within the data center.