TSM Awards Luncheon

Each year at the TSM Awards Luncheon, we recognize the individuals or organizations who have made significant contributions to telecommunications, our program, and our community.  Awards are given in the following categories:

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Dr. Gene Wells Ray Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is presented to an individual that has exhibited a significant, sustained contribution to TSM over a career.


Lana Porter

Dr. James Gantt

Sim Davenport

Dr. Linda Vitale

A.D. Wright

Forest Skaggs

James Graham

John A. Williams

William W. Magrader

Eddy Roberts

Dr. Gene Wells Ray

Dick Anderson Leadership Award

This award is presented to an individual that has made a significant contribution to TSM by their leadership, technical and/or management skills.


Donald Shively

Chris Wooldridge

Betsy Flynn


Cheyenne Koch

Steve Powless

David Armstrong

Allen Lind

Allison T. Willoughby

Trevor R. Bonnstetter

Brian Mefford

Dick Anderson

John Williams Entrepreneurship Award

This award is presented to an individual or company that has started a TSM related company or significantly expanded an operation in Kentucky or the Murray State service area.


Jonah Neihoff

DEVsource Fox Ridge Computers

Genesis Health Technologies

A2Z Computers


Cornerstone Information Systems

John Truitt

Doug Truitt

C.A. (Chuck) Jones

Clinton Mills

Chris Mills

Jeff Harlan

John Williams

Gary Brockway Faculty/Staff Excellence Award

This award is presented to a faculty or staff member for excellence in teaching, research, and/or community service.


Dr. Abdulrahman Yarali

Dr. Masaru Okuda

Dr. Fred Miller

Marcia Combs-Ford

Phil Schooley

John Hart

George Rice

Michael Bowman

James G. Weatherly

TSM Distinguished Alumni Award

This award is presented to a TSM graduate that has brought credit to themself and Murray State University.


Dr. Laeeq Khan

Chris Sanders

Forrest Carver

Bruce Watkins

Craig Jacobs

Wes Spencer

Dr. Sharmayne Cade-Saunders

Sebastian F. Coe

Mike Gilkey

Joe Ponder

Michael Williams

Valerie Thompson

Chad Price

Dr. Paul Suwannarat

Josh Hawkins

Derek McCallum

Kent Bohanon

Michael L. Ramage

Nathan B. Stubblefield Distinguished Lecture Award

This award is presented to the speaker in out Distinguished Lecture Series in Telecommunications Systems Management and named after the inventor of wireless telephone and Murray native.


Hood Harris

Steve Powless

Chris Koeneman

Brad Mathis

Richard Thieme

J. Tod Fetherling

Michael Hicks

Joe Popinski

Rayleen Pirnie

Carlos Lopez

Dr. Laurie L. Novak

Dick Anderson

Hilda Legg