Liberal Arts Field in History

Advisor: Dr. Kathy Callahan
Required Courses - 9 hours
HIS 201 Modern Europe
HIS 221 American Experience to 18651
  HIS 222 American Experience since 18651
  HIS 300 Introduction to Historical Studies
  1 If not taken as University Studies elective(s); if HIS 221/222 has/have already been taken as University Studies elective(s), then the student will take one or two additional history electives for a concentration total of 18 hours.
Electives - 9 hours
  Three additional upper-level electives, one from each of the three groups below; at least two of the three must be at the 400 level. (Specific courses below are subject to change as a result of curriculum revision; please check the latest edition of the Murray State Bulletin.)
  Group 1 - European History:
  HIS 301   Ancient History to the Fall of Rome
  HIS 302   Medieval Europe
  HIS 303   The Making of Britain
  HIS 304   History of Ireland
  HIS 306   Europe in Renaissance and Reformation
  HIS 401   The French Revolution
  HIS 402   19th-Century Europe
  HIS 403   Europe Since 1914
  HIS 408   The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union
  HIS 409   Tudor and Stuart Britain
  HIS 410   Modern Britain
  HIS 411   Modern France
  HIS 412   Modern Germany
  Group 2 - United States History:
  HIS 315   Women in American History
  HIS 320   African-American History
  HIS 322   History of Religion in the United States
  HIS 323   The Great American West
  HIS 329   The American Indians
  HIS 330   Sports in America
  HIS 333   Military History of the United States
  HIS 334   History of American Agriculture and Rural Life
  HIS 421   United States Social and Cultural History to 1865
  HIS 422   United States Social and Cultural History Since 1865
  HIS 430   Colonial America to 1763
  HIS 431   America in Revolution
  HIS 434   Civil War and Reconstruction
  HIS 435   The Transformation of America 1877-1929
  HIS 436   Recent America
  HIS 441   History of the Old South
  HIS 442   History of the New South
  HIS 445   History of Race Relations in the United States
  HIS 446   History of Kentucky
  Group 3 - Non-Western History:
  HIS 309   Survey of World Religions
  HIS 340   The Far East in Modern Times
  HIS 350   History of Latin America
  HIS 355   Islamic Middle East
  HIS 370   History of Africa
  HIS 415   Women in History
  HIS 450   Modern Africa
  HIS 451   Slavery in Africa
  HIS 455   Middle East Since 1800
  HIS 456   The Arab-Israeli Conflict
  HIS 474   China in Revolution
  HIS 475   Modern Japan
  HIS 481   Revolutionary Mexico 1810-Present
  (Requirements in this category may be changed, with specific written permission of the student's advisor and the Chair of the Department of History, if such a change can be shown by the student--also in writing --to effect a better link between History and the student's other Liberal Arts area of concentration.)
Total Requirements - 18 hours